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  1. Yesterday
  2. Staff Update 12/13/17 Today we have very important staff promotion. Promotions: @198078 has been repromoted to In-Game Developer. We've been looking for Developer for a long time as you guys know, and finally I can introduce you guys our new Developer 198078 aka Jacoby! He have been developer for not a long time and has already done some incredible updates which will be released soon. @Client has been promoted to Trial Helper. He've been great member doing good job helping others so why not give him a chance. Demotions: @The Kid Xsplit has been demoted from Trial Helper and YouTuber. He is now permanentely demoted and banned from GoldenScape forums, discord and in game. He will not be re-promoted or unbanned from GoldenScape again. ~GS
  3. Hello My name is Jacoby, and I would like to introduce myself. I am 21years old and I live in the Central Part of the USA. My InGame username is 198078. I am currently helping Di3la do some updates, I'll Be Happy To help aslong as he wants me to help. If anyone needs help ingame, I will try to help as best as i can! I have been developing 317s server like GoldenScape for quite some time now and i will do my best to help when needed. I guess thats really all i can think of for an introduction. Lol
  4. note boxes would be hard to get at a zone droprate wold need to be around 1:2000 and owner is for ultra rare reward dreamer would be most common. evil amulet uncommon 14% ring common (troll reward) like getting 500 tickets from cash box lol
  5. enchanted mystery box would give a random upgraded item from dreamer +1 all the ways to completed owner torva. items ( dreamer helm 7% +1, owner katana 29% +1, evil amulet 16% +1, dreamer torva platebody 5% +2, 14% ring. (etc) you can make a new zone for it ::enchantbox. or a quest for it. you would have to bring x3 scrolls (jewellery scroll,) ( weapon scroll,) ( armour scroll.) just to get 1 box and you may end up with a dreamer torva item
  6. Last week
  7. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Declined"
  8. Didn't mean to say anything in a negative way, just pointing out the facts. For now, Application is denied. Feel free to apply again in 1 week. //locked, moved
  9. alright alright fine I take back the application, so much negativity just trying to help
  10. First of all, you are only able to apply for Helper rank. However if you think you'd fit higher position better then PM Owner(s) privately. Storia said everything for me. ~Alex
  11. Should do meetings in the staff chat using voice chat on skype or discord Lmao, not in-game.
  12. di3la is fine with the coding part
  13. i would not keep him muted longer then 24 hours for that
  14. staffzone is just for meetings etc dsnt need to be anything special
  15. if you'd make an automated dice games platform then it would be way smoother
  16. Server will become more boring we we'd do that. Point of custom and any other server is growing bank and dicing is one way. However it has risk of losing, which should every player know. I suggest making dicing safer somehow, not removing it.
  17. remove gambling from game.
  18. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ir1hxs&s=9
  19. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=34ns0ar&s=9#.WiwW5UxFzIU
  20. We've had something like this implemented into dreamscape before, although, instead of bringing 1000 snowballs you had to bring the mini-quest NPC a drop from each holiday NPC (there was 5 npc's). You were guaranteed the reward seeing as it was a challenging achievement. +1 for this idea.
  21. +1 nice suggestions hope to see them ingame soon
  22. +1
  23. Earlier
  24. and santa 9400
  25. +1
  26. npc numbers snow mage (6749) snow warrior (6748) snow ranger (6747)
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