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  2. With milk are delicious ! Yummy
  3. Today
  4. cookies
  5. nothing to add, @lotty and @Alex said everything for that. Good luck mate and lets see that you re changed!
  6. For those donations PM @Alex or @di3la
  7. wonderful waiting for more!
  8. @Alex trust me this time bro illl do the best this time !
  9. No point for me to tell all that again. Making someone to trust you again is much more harder than making a video.
  10. Naah
  11. In my opinion, you need to prove a lot to get your ank back, its going to take awhile for the staff to full trust you again.If you do earn your rank back (slim chance) i dont think dicing rights should be in the picture, you have messed up and scammed multiple times (which is ban-able) so i think you getting to stay on the server and be a part of the community should be enough for now. Thank you for the apology, but actions speak louder than words so if you are willing to fight for getting your rank back you mush show that you can change. Stick to farming npc's and making videos for now, i dont want to see you asking for items at all. You need to learn how to get the items yourself and dice your won items.
  13. I want to go to past. and make videos , dice properly. and make gs to the top !
  14. What are the hell chest rewards?
  15. You're always welcome back! Not sure what happened to be honest, but things can change, you may be about to get your rank back if you show you can handle it.
  16. Might need to get your eyes checked
  17. Yesterday
  18. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Declined"
  19. Your application has been declined. Feel free to apply again in 2 weeks. Closed/ moved
  20. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Accepted"
  21. Your application has been accepted. Keep your great work up! Closed/ moved
  22. ya wont win that
  23. Daam, that 10hr mix lmao
  24. cash me outside how baw dah
  25. Are you? not sure bout it
  26. Good try, but yay im in the lead
  27. Well, GZ on that rank again and nice vid. Keep it going.
  28. You never gonna win this or anything else.
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