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  1. Yesterday
  2. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  3. Thanks Lotty for pointing out third one. Your application has been declined. Feel free to apply again in 2 weeks. /locked
  4. Last week
  5. Its a no from me also, reasons.. 1. You need to have more in-game experience than just 2 weeks. 2. Giving items to new players will not help them, showing them where to go and what to do is most helpful 3. You didn't do the last part of the application agreeing with the terms of goldenscape and the rules. 4. You are active but id like to see a little more in-game improvement. 5. Not all servers are the same, there are items in goldenscape that no other server has, you cant expect to know a new server by just knowing customs. thank you for applying
  6. Sorry noone aproved his registration now i valided his account.:)
  7. Sorry, but my vote will be negative. I haven't seen you online much, maybe a few times. I ain't online 24/7 so dw bout it. But what makes me vote negatively? You were that lazy to not even make an account on the forums? Seriously.. You're applying for Staff so you most be an active member on the forums WHIT your own account. ( sorry if you great explanation for it ) Plus you've joined recently, 2 weeks ago if I remember right. Imo you should play atleast 1 month to know this server well. Every custom rsps aint same. Little question is also your english, but yeah, this server's 75℅ of the players ain't speaking fluent english. -Alex And glad to see another player from Estonia #EstTeam @Storia @Apple.exe @Alex and you...
  8. In-Game Username:Skiller123 Age:18 Location:Estionia Languages:Estonian,English History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: Well not so long maybe only 2 week ? Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator?I like help peoples like all way i can,if new/old players ask for anything and i can give to them(help,items,maybe you other things),i will do to What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers?I have been staff in many many other servers,almost all of them are Custom Servers,and so i know things about it Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way?Ye,i always like to share my ideas with staffteam and give my best to get server better and better to Best In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape:Active,helpful,no troubles with me(I think so),always helpful(dosen't matter what peoples think) Thanks, Skiller123
  9. You shoulda make it 1000ckeys not 100 Not bad btw.
  10. Nice video budd:)
  11. Copy the template and post an appeal here: http://goldenscape-ps.com/index.php?/forum/69-appeals/ Rules for appealing. Do not make troll or joke appeals, this section is serious. You MUST use template below or your thread will be ignored. Ban Template. Username: Who Banned You: Why Were You Banned: Duration: Punishment (Ban/IP Ban): Why Should You Be Unpunished: Mute Template. Username: Who muted you: Why Were You muted: Duration: Punishment (Mute/IP mute ): Why Should You Be Unpunished:
  13. Thx for hosting a giveaway !! Gl to all
  14. Niceeeeeee thank god !
  15. I'm not asking for like 15k or something I was thinking more around 100k-150k two thirds or at least half of the original price make it at least obtainable for people without the money to donate.
  16. Alright so as you guys know the Assault Rifle and Glock technically have no ammo use-able. So I had an idea that Nex can have a 1 in 25 drop of *Bullets* 50-100 bullets per drop. These bullets increase the damage you deal with the assault rifle. Then can have 2 *rare* bullet drops at the normal 1 in 300 drop rate. These *rare* bullets are permanent and not consumed upon use. The first bullet is a 15% drop rate bullet just like the 15% arrow it adds 15% drop rate but can also increase the damage you deal with the Assault Rifle or Glock. The second bullet is a Vampiric Bullet It has the properties of Soulsplit while increasing your damage dealt allowing you to use normal prayers and have soulsplits healing effects. This was just my Idea of adding new drops to Nex that would actually be beneficial to the Assault Rifle and Glocks capabilities. What do you guys think?
  17. I understand you, but it's a brand new box with best items in gane as a reward. We cant just think price to it like its 15k tickets and all. We make it expensive first and then continue to reduce or increase price of it. Most likely reduce. Hopefully you understand us, -Alex
  18. Yes I know I saw the loots but do you realize no one has 300k tickets and with npcs dropping from 1 to maybe 300 tickets at the most no one is gonna get 300k tickets anytime soon.
  19. but look on loots.
  20. I like the idea of a new box but you need to lower the price in the 2b store. It's almost impossible to obtain 300k tickets right now and not everyone has 30$ to spend on 1 box. They are way too expensive in my opinion.
  21. Today goldenscape releaseing new opening box called GS BOX! How to get? 2b store & Donate Store. Loots: Common Rewards Draconic Set Part Draconic Set Part Draconic Set Part Butterfly Trophy Rainbow Boots 5k donator points. 10k 2b tickets. Uncommon Rewards Tetsu Set Part Tetsu Set Part Tetsu Set Part 3X Nowa Boxes Angel Sword 10k donator points. Rare Rewards Glock 40%! Evil Amulet 15% droprate arrow Dreamer Set Part 2+ Dreamer Set Part 2+ Dreamer Set Part 2+ Epic cape Owner cape Very Rare Rewards Owner Katana Completed Evil Amulet Owner Set Part Owner Set Part Owner Set Part UltraRareRewards Rising Star Set Part Rising Star Set Part Rising Star Set Part Assault Riffle 55%! MegaRareRewards Rising Star Feather eye blade 60% droprate ring Completed Owner Brutal Whip Completed Owner Spirit Shield Completed Owner Set Part. Completed Owner Set Part. Completed Owner Set Part. Rising Star Gloves Cold Cape
  22. Thank you Di3la
  23. Nice video keep it going!:)
  24. Red loot boxes, nowa boxes, dreamer items, feather eye blade, Crystal keys in notes, smb's, hell keys, maybe AR and Glock, those are the items I would like to see
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