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  1. Today
  2. ayeee 😊
  3. Thats an great work , fam , those emojis are lit.... keep it up fam !
  4. Just use soulsplit mate
  5. Yesterday
  6. We are gonna need to figure out a way to stay alive longer at this zone.
  7. Keep it up with the awesome updates
  8. fully agree 1+ from me this would be a great addition to goldenscape.
  9. I'd like to see you more active ingame first, as for what as xsplit says that is your pvm gear maybe post a ::bank photo for us.
  10. very nice update keep up the amazing work fam ;0
  11. Fully agree with the idea of implementing boss pets with an added DR percentage.
  12. I fully support the idea of making birds nests useful
  13. Very nice loot
  14. Very nice offer, eventually someone will take it.
  15. Very nice updates, keep up the good work lad
  16. Completely agree on your first suggestion, it would be extremely useful to have bank tabs implemented as it would make navigating my scuffed bank a lot easier.
  17. These are some very nice additions. Good work alex
  18. Forum update 21/11/2017 New users can finally receive account validation link to their email address, however, it will take some minutes. Veteran rank is now fully completed and will be release in the next few days. Added some new emoticons ( ) That's all for now. ~Alex
  19. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Accepted"
  20. Application has been accepted. Welcome to the staff team! //locked, moved
  21. Issue has been resolved
  22. Tbh u dont have enough items to host , that's ur pvm gear , expand ur bank first
  23. Extremely helpful player, Not only is he active, but he continuously goes out of his way to help the community of Goldenscape, including myself. Definitely deserves to be given a shot at becoming a goldenscape staff member. For these reasons alone you have my support. +1
  24. Hello lads, i seem to have typed something wrong when i decided to do ::changepassword in game, if you could just reset my password or tell me my current one that would be great.
  25. +1 for making Birds nests usefull
  26. Untill next post. I win
  27. Last week
  28. Uhu
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