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    server update

       (3 reviews)

    • Status: Next Up Summary: Server update soon

    Hello Goldenscape Lovers -_-


    di3la and isa here

    whe work hard on the server now.

    so if we dont talk in-game than we are coding or fixing stuff things for you guys. -_-

    we wil made a big update this time.


    stats lowered so funn to farm , no 1 hitting anymore onlly witch best ingame armour completed owner 

    it wil hard to get owner parts now so eco wil be beter after eco reset (all donations wil be refunded)

    adding range gear.

    adding mage gear.

    remaked all lits in-game like ::commands / ::rules.

    added new login interface to server.

    whe wil add ::stafflist so you can see all staff members and trusted dicers / youtuber.

    maybe we can do in fueture banktabs more skills working /new bosses



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    • 5

    very good, i like how this update looks and what it will include.

    good work di3la and isa!

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    • 4

    Looks good, few things;

     1    "remaked all lits in-game like ::commands / ::rules."

          hopefully this is referring to what i think, there is a lot of server dialogue where the English grammar isn't 100% correct, its understandable with English not being your first language but       if we made it all 100% correct then it would increase the professionalism of the server.

     2   Do we have an estimated time when the update will be ready? knowing an eco reset is coming has sort of stopped my drive to play.

     3   Side note; will I get every rlb and nowa box i donated for refunded? :o

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    • 5

    Good Luck And Ty For Work Hard For Us !!

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