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    I do give a +1 because hes active but more info is needed in your post. other then that its good
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    Dang man, your luck is insane.
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    Congratz on the drop, so lucky!
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    crim is the most active player on server. i give a big +
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    Definitely a +1, he has been online often and very helpful to everyone.
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    I give him a +1 he helped me lot's of times like showing be new things about goldenscape and where to start off to and lots more good luck man
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    We don't need to accept it instantly, he can freely check this application tomorrow too. And don't comment on your own Staff Application This application looks like you put it all together in 5 minutes. That's the only minus. I do know how active and helpful you are in-game, that's why I'm going to give you a yes. If you'd have longer application then you would be perfect candidate for this spot. Goodluck.
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    Gratz man!! I just cant get a single rare drop at nex, idk why.. But gratz to you
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    well if this idea gets added , eco will be ruined tbh ... those points are easy to get -1 from me
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    Besides getting epic cape when not expecting. i have also become super donor. and through the halloween even iv earned enough for my glock and AR. and also managed to get the 25% amulet.
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    Official GoldenScape Staff Team Main-Owner Di3la Co-Owner Alex Head Administrator Lotty Administrator Storia Forum Moderator Goofy Head Moderator 3 Moderator Apple Piffy 0hk Helpers None Dice Manager Apple Trusted Dicer Host Lotty open open Youtuber Kahlonigamer Focus Xsplit This thread will be updated every staff promotion.
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    crank i need you;) i need one gfx icon for client.;) can u help me?
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    When you stop begging items just pm me!:)
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    Resigning means that you are leaving for example your staff position, as you are not staff ur just leaving. Anyways cya dude!
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    mattage i can look to update ::diung and the 1 hits are fixed nex update already made it for u guys gus farm to easy richt now and whe wil made a boss for 4 players to attack it and di3la try to fix the pets now so we hope we can add them good now sorry for the long waiting on the update bud we need to do alot right now to fix the economy
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