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    Added Zombie Horde Event. (there is a 4 locations where zombies spawn: home location,lumbridge,falador,alkharid mines) Added Zombie store! (you can buy dr boost tickets,drop catcher from it) Added Dr bost tickets. Added Auto drop catcher! Added Cyan cape. (only for staffs) Fixed droprate system. Added snow on whole world! Obfuscated the client! (harder to steal our customs) Created developer rank. Added new zone ::catcher drops drop catcher 1:500. Added ::christmas zone (every kill gives christmas points) Added christmas quest: Bring him 5 parts candy,christmas cape,skirt,body,snow goble. And get your award christmas schyte. Added christmas schyte 25% droprate. (limited) Added gs box on christmas store. ::christmas zone 1:280 - wolf 1:400. Penguin drops christmas candy. Cracker drops christmas cape. Red spider drops christmas skirt. Black spider drops christmas body. Wolf drops snow goble.
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    Special effect kappa hahahahahahaha Why does age matter when being a staffmember comes up to professional acts, mature behaviour? You're a Forum Moderator act like one instead telling them that they don't fit. You could atleast give him some feedback. Itsonlya, No support *You are applying for staff position "Helper" not Graphics Designer. *Grammar plays a huge role as being a staff member. *This is your first forum post which has a huge influence as being "known/respected" member in the Community. Support *Your motivation is totally correct, keep that part up. Never lose it. So this both together balances to Neutral
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    nice guy but to soon for staff and app should have more info. neutral for me.
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    Great suggestion to make completed owner "Complete" and not just 3 pieces
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    same with @jordan96 -1 from me
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    Best update yet! Keep up the good work guys!