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    First off, thank you for filling an application and being interested to become staffmember once again. Absolute no support, *Forum activity is minimal, which can be better. *You've applied recently, nearly three weeks ago. You havn't improved ingame at all when I logged last time. *I can't put this nice way but... You're toxic, supervisor thinker, thinking you're better than everyone.
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    We desperately need a shop that will give 2b tickets for all our unwanted customs. its becoming harder to trade due to the fact that items become junk to players with gear that you want and will only take cash. instead of filling up a bank with "junk" I believe a custom buying shop will make the game lot smoother for new players who start and realize that they cant trade most of the items they have cause no one wants them. thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will take this suggestion into consideration. many players vets or not agree that this would help the server tremendously.
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    First go to ::train and kill some penguins. Train your stats enough to kill sponge bob or pikachu at ::train (1:15 droprate) They drop some decent items like ares set, spiderman set, legends blade, legends axe. When u get some of those items start to collect presents and ckeys at ::presents. Open them and try to get some better gear. Best loots from presents are powerful set, 12% amulet, red loot boxes. When you have better stats/gear than you starter ones then start to fight at ::love or ::hell. Collect love points and spend them on the love store. At hell you can collect hell keys and open hell chest for awards! Also vote gives good awards; 2 fortune squel tokkens, 3 presents and 10 2b tickets.
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    Alright you made me write a novel, I have the right to have a opinion ingame, i have the right to let everyone know that what i think is right and wrong, you however thought maybe that i did a staff inpersonate? or couldn't handle my opinion anymore, like really if you think that i said something wrong, you go ahead and use that godly power to mute me ingame, "this is my opinion" not telling you what to do, but to just ban me and when i'm offline from the game, take a really suspecious activity going on, what did i really do that made you do it? do you want to know what i think of this? its bias activity.. like right now i have the right to defend myself of what you're telling the staffteam, i have not done anything wrong of hacking or scammed anyone, this was my opinion.. @di3la i let you decide what to do.
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    It finally comes alive! Tysm for this, can wait for it. HMU for team
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    Hey it's smd. irl i go by Carson but yo call me whatever i really dont care ya. I've been off and on since basically the creation of the server and its been pretty bad ass the whole time. Di3la knows deep down inside he loves me. Anyway guys i hadnt been around for a while so i figured for all you new people i'd do some basic ass intro with little to no effort grammatically, dont judge me eh just got off of work.
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    haha just poking a bit of fun lotty the state of privatezone was alot worse
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    okay so ive been around on the rsps list, one thing ive noticed is servers are stepping up with crazy custom weapons that can be bought for good amounts of money. i think goldenscape should be the next on the list with a crazy new release of some awesome weapons. along with that we need to find someone in charge of coding the weapons and making them reasonable with price/ drop-rate. (also a great way for goldenscape to make good money to promote the server and make it grow insanely! i can assure you with a release of an insanely customized weapon more people will hear about the server and want to play to earn it. Ideas of what kind of weapon: a lot of servers are coding mini-guns, probably shouldn't do that considering its the same as another server. im thinking maybe something better than a mini gun, perhaps a mystic scythe or a rainbow scythe. something crazy, something not easily obtainable. also more cosmetic items that are worth a lot, like a bicycle, sled or even a paino we need something that no other rsps has to make more players want to be a part of the goldenscape family we also need some more boxes that players can donate for and open, Ideas: waepon boxes, cash boxes, dream cases, uber cases. the way of expanding this rsps and making more players come play on this server is all about something they can get here that they cant get in another rsps. this server is unique but we really need to make it pop. help me out with any feedback or ideas, i know we can do this guys!!! #GoldenGang!!!!!!
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    Alex and sillycat u know non other staff are much active on this forums maybe some post 1 time a month only extremes alex me and sillycat are active on forums bud its a good option i see so forums wil be more 1 thing of goldenscape and alex &sillycat he is avtive on forum/discord bud dont make lots new posts checked some for it bud its a yes from my side lotty and i wil talk about witch the staff team
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    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NEW 7.7 LIFE TIME CLIENT Lowered 2b tickets each kill/drops by half. Changed prices of all enchants. Nerfed ::master droprate to 1:320. Nerfed master quest award was 10m 2b tickets now 5m 2b tickets. Lowered all items stats.(if you dont like this just leave comment) Lowered all npc hp.(if you dont like this just leave comment) Deleted all double damage from unuseful items. Upgraded Boss teleport at home. Cost much more to tp. Deleted 2b rare shouts from ::rookie Deleted charms drops. Fixed ::love npcs now 2b ticks spawn to inv. Deleted ::rookie 2b rare shouts. Added ::dicerules command. Changed draconic gear skin color. Changed/Updated ::stafflist And stafftab. Added welcome message. Recolored half game text`s. Added new items: Rising star set 5 parts + rising star feather eye blade. Set parts 500 def status 600 str bonus. Armor and legs 9% droprate,boots 5% ,gloves 9%. Rising star feather eye blade 500def status 800str. 20% droprate. Remaked Home Boss teleport bosses (venetatis,scorpia,vetion,calisto) Now harder to kill. Drops: Venetatis (evil amulet,nowa box,feather eye blade,rising star set 6 parts) Scorpia (evil amulet,nowa box,*RISING STAR feather eye blade,angel sword) Vetion (drygore set,15% arrow) Calisto (punch gloves,12% amulet,rainbow boots,250k 2b ticks) Added new quest npc (angel) location ::home Quest: Bring her losted angel sword. How to get angel sword? Scorpia drops it. Nice award!
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    I love your ideas, i support that.
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    I like all the suggestions. #goldengang, no copy from ds We're GSL!
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    Degacho's Staff Application In-Game Username: Degacho Age: 22 years Old. Location of Residence: Qatar, In the Middle-East. Time-zone is GMT+3. Languages Spoken: Fluent English, Fluent Arabic, Fluent Spanish, Good French. History and length of stay at Goldenscape: Since Day 1 In October, 2015. Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator: I know from experience that I would make a good staff member here on Goldenscape. I was previously an Administrator on this server, but I had gotten into a large argument with the co-owner Isa, which meant I was demoted. However this was over 5 months ago and I hope any issues between us have been resolved. I was also a Trusted Dicer, a Helper, and a Moderator on this server. What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers: I owned my own server which di3la knew about for over 6 months. It at one point reached over 50 players online at all times and it was a custom server, like Goldenscape. Di3la was aware of this, and I used my coding skills there to help code in several events into Goldenscape and a certain amount of items. Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way: As I said before, i have been a member of this community since very long ago, and i am familiar with the staff team here. I get on well with most players and i think this could benefit my experience as a staff member. Aswell as that, if di3la wishes, i can use my coding skills to help assist di3la in anything he needs server-related, whenever it is required. I also own an RSPS youtube channel, and i have previously created videos for Goldenscape. I can start doing this again if needs be, and i'll have a discussion with di3la about this matter. In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: I believe my experience on the server will help greatly improve my understanding of issues in-game. I also believe my familiarity with the game will allow me to better understand players and support them. On top, I speak multiple languages, players in-game also do. If i am unable to communicate with a player who has any issues, i can alternate and use another language. This will help solve issues in a more proffessional manner. Right now, I am applying for any rank the owner sees fit to promote me to, and i inted to work my way up the staff team. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: I Degacho, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings Thank you for taking the time to read this
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    My name is Bodhi(irl), SillyCat(ingame/forums), I'm 18 years old. I love to sport,gaming, chilling with friends, watching netflix/tv shows. music taste goes to ncs,LP,AliBru,ATC,FTE,FOF(shorter names of bands), I'm also an forum addict. I'm currenty following ICT(Information and Communication Technology) afterwards I've planned to go into Website designs/coding. To be honest I can't wait to start the schoolyear and ace all the tests. Anything you want to know? Just ask it straight away!
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    heey bodhi welcome good to see u here and may as i see ur a gfx designer to ?
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    well this is my 2nd video for gs!! hope u guys like it : Winners will be announced on next saturday If u wanna join the giveaway all u need to do is : 1:Subscribe to my channel. 2:like the video. 3:comment ur in game name.
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    Welcome to the community, Bodhi! I hope you enjoy your stay. Any question/problem about server? Pm me.
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    welcome see u in game soon
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    Hello gs lovers ! this is my first gs video hope u guys like it
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    Great video! Keep it up! next time maybe fast forward 2x?
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    great idea i wil think and talk about it witch di3la
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    nice idea +1 from me -player 3
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    Suggestions Armour/Weapons from present box have stats. (Its easier for the new players to start something with.) New shops (Monster Point Shop, Boss Point Shop, Custom Point Shop, Goldenscape Point Shop, Vote Shop) More and harder Trivia Questions. If you get a 2b ticket drop in ::Train at Pikachu's then it shows in chat as a rare drop (It should been taken down) Add better loot to Crystal Key chest. Add more loot to Celebration Mystery Lamp. Remove "Shield Store" , "Weapon Store", "Armour Store" "Magic Store" , "Range store" from home shop. Cause no one buys stuff from there. Add something new to Love shop. (Dont remake it, just add something there) New rank, as i have seen players wanted it. If you have any more suggestions, then comment down below your suggestion(s). (These are not just my ideas, these ideas are from the players.)
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    this have been suggested already but Raids please!!
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    Edite: i'm neutral on this one.
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    I support the idea. +1 from me.
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    While that's all dandy and all, it wont take long for your supposed new rank to be populated aswell, it might even be day one 10 donors for the new rank, so i'd say now after so much thinking about it, its no use addding a new rank,it will be floaded the next month or next week even if more people join. first i was looking forward to a rank which i could have alone for a while, but now i see its kinda impossible.
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    Oh yeah, I had that idea in mind 2 months ago but somehow i forgot it. Thanks for reminding me. You're right that we need a new rank, every 3rd or 4th player is diamond donor which is pretty sad. I'd say my opinion but there's no point because i would say same exact thing like you did. +1 -Alex
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    Short and sweet is the way to go in my opinion so here is a quick outline of ideas I have for the server. Shop to sell junk items to for small amounts of 2b tickets. trying to get 750 of each crystal seems ridiculous with the spawn time on barrelchest. infinity, torva and powerful will be quick but the spawn time should be increased on barrelchest, also possibly multiple barrelchest monsters and more seatrolls? Also could add rare drops to the 5 quest bosses and it could be 50 of the respective crystal. (infinity drops 50 infinity crystals etc.) A guide on different tiers of gear could be cool, im working on collecting more and more items so might do this myself. last one is keep doing what ya doing, love this 1.0 fresh start!
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    Yeah, that's something we've looked into. Everyone has something good that no one wants, so why not to sell it to the shop for some cash. Keep it up. -Alex
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    Couldnt find the edit button but a rework of the achievement system would be awesome! new rewards, new tasks, id love it and i know other players would too
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    Awesome idea Scoops, i love it, it would be a great addition to the server.
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    Send @isa screenshot of you yelling in game or proving that you are Sponsor and she will give your rank on the forums.
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    You can get same rank on forums that you have in-game. Talk with @isa or @di3la.
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    In-Game Username: Apple. Age: 20 Location: Estonia Languages: English and some kind of Russian History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: About few months now but trust me im here to stay. Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator? The only reason for that is good personality, knowing where stuff is including how to get to stuff, helping out all players whom may have questions/complaints/concerns about the server and report them to the next man up the ladder of command, I will make sure flamers. What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers? I have been on Helper and up to Head-Admin rank on few servers. Last one was S***e-W**Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way? Well i can help GS with ideas and i will put all my spare time to Goldenscape.In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: I am very active, friendly and trust me i´ve helped many players on the server and i will do it more!Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?:Yes: I Apple, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings.
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    Tmmorow u will get your helper when i back from job
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    agree with both @Storia and @Alex +1 Goodluck
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    Totally agree with @Storia He woulda be awesome Helper. +1
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    I like Apple. +1 from me! Would be awesome staff.