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    nothing to add, @lotty and @Alex said everything for that. Good luck mate and lets see that you re changed!
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    First off, thank you for filling an application and being interested to become staffmember once again. Absolute no support, *Forum activity is minimal, which can be better. *You've applied recently, nearly three weeks ago. You havn't improved ingame at all when I logged last time. *I can't put this nice way but... You're toxic, supervisor thinker, thinking you're better than everyone.
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    Ingame Type ::update to check whats new! Deleted fortune spins tokkens from rare system. Deleted lion boxes from rare system. Lowered ::dreamer droprate was 1:1000 now 1:500. Changed Private Present Look. Added new zone ::nowa Added Nowa burning mummy npc`s. (gives monster and love points and 1k 2b tickets) Droprate 1:500 (drops 2red loot boxes, 100,200,300k 2b tickets.) Added new zone ::nowabox 1:1200 (drops 1x nowabox,1m 2b tickets,2m 2b tickets) every kill gives 2k 2b ticks. Added cold arrow box to 2b store. Added 2b store npc to ::nowa zone. Added 10% droprate arrow. Added 10% droprate arro to max dr pack. Added 10% droprate arrow to 2b store. Added new set draconic 3 parts (legs 6%,body 6%,helm 9%) Added new set to 2b store each part cost 1.5 2b tickets. Added 10m 2b tickets to donator store. Added 10% droprate arrow to donator store.
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    ive seen you ingame and helping players + you seem to be able to answer questions quickly therefor 1+ for me
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    In-Game Username: Jordan96 Age: 21 Location: Newfoundland (-3:30 GMT) Languages: English. History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: I played back in 2015 and a bit in 2016 but right now at this moment I got 165 hours of playtime. Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator? I care so much about the people on this server its unreal how much I care. I would do anything for these people. I love helping and I am a very good people person. I do anything I can when it comes to this server I showed it before many times over the fact that I could become helper means the world to me. What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers? I have been mod and helper on others servers reason I am no longer on that server is because its been taken down.Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way? My talent or skill is just being a nice person and I am good at understanding what someone is trying to say. I am good at listing to both sides of a story and I can help both players and give help.In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: I worked so hard to get here and I Know I proven my self over and over there is no doubt about it and like I said I love this server its the only server I play and I enjoy playing it has good people and a great community I feel so good when I login and see every getting along great it makes me feel happy.Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?:yes I understand.Yes: I (Jordan96), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings.
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    These are some very nice additions. Good work alex
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    I do give a +1 because hes active but more info is needed in your post. other then that its good
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    what are you exacting looking for? just a cosmetic pet or rather droprate etc..?
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    Dang man, your luck is insane.
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    Congratz on the drop, so lucky!
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    Definitely a +1, he has been online often and very helpful to everyone.
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    I give him a +1 he helped me lot's of times like showing be new things about goldenscape and where to start off to and lots more good luck man
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    crank i need you;) i need one gfx icon for client.;) can u help me?
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    Still trying to remember how to use PhotoShop Rate 1-10 http://imgur.com/a/EjeKP -Edme
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    Omfg what an amazing update !!!!! love it ! thx di3la for this amazing update hope to see more updates soon !! keep it up
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    In my opinion, you need to prove a lot to get your ank back, its going to take awhile for the staff to full trust you again.If you do earn your rank back (slim chance) i dont think dicing rights should be in the picture, you have messed up and scammed multiple times (which is ban-able) so i think you getting to stay on the server and be a part of the community should be enough for now. Thank you for the apology, but actions speak louder than words so if you are willing to fight for getting your rank back you mush show that you can change. Stick to farming npc's and making videos for now, i dont want to see you asking for items at all. You need to learn how to get the items yourself and dice your won items.
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    First go to ::train and kill some penguins. Train your stats enough to kill sponge bob or pikachu at ::train (1:15 droprate) They drop some decent items like ares set, spiderman set, legends blade, legends axe. When u get some of those items start to collect presents and ckeys at ::presents. Open them and try to get some better gear. Best loots from presents are powerful set, 12% amulet, red loot boxes. When you have better stats/gear than you starter ones then start to fight at ::love or ::hell. Collect love points and spend them on the love store. At hell you can collect hell keys and open hell chest for awards! (best award on chest = reg donator box) Later use ::2b zone fast 2b tickets!:) 1-12 2b ticks each kill. Also vote gives good awards; 1 red loot box, 20 ckeys and 10 2b tickets.
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    You do not meet the requirements on forums, Requirements for Veteran rank *50 Forum posts. *50 days ingame played(screenshot required). *Account has to be one year old. Reply on this thread once you meet the requirements; Request declined,locked.
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    haha just poking a bit of fun lotty the state of privatezone was alot worse
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    Alex and sillycat u know non other staff are much active on this forums maybe some post 1 time a month only extremes alex me and sillycat are active on forums bud its a good option i see so forums wil be more 1 thing of goldenscape and alex &sillycat he is avtive on forum/discord bud dont make lots new posts checked some for it bud its a yes from my side lotty and i wil talk about witch the staff team
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    I love your ideas, i support that.
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    heey bodhi welcome good to see u here and may as i see ur a gfx designer to ?
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    well this is my 2nd video for gs!! hope u guys like it : Winners will be announced on next saturday If u wanna join the giveaway all u need to do is : 1:Subscribe to my channel. 2:like the video. 3:comment ur in game name.
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    Welcome to the community, Bodhi! I hope you enjoy your stay. Any question/problem about server? Pm me.
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    great idea i wil think and talk about it witch di3la
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    Edite: i'm neutral on this one.
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    I support the idea. +1 from me.
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    Oh yeah, I had that idea in mind 2 months ago but somehow i forgot it. Thanks for reminding me. You're right that we need a new rank, every 3rd or 4th player is diamond donor which is pretty sad. I'd say my opinion but there's no point because i would say same exact thing like you did. +1 -Alex
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    Yeah, that's something we've looked into. Everyone has something good that no one wants, so why not to sell it to the shop for some cash. Keep it up. -Alex
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    Awesome idea Scoops, i love it, it would be a great addition to the server.
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    Send @isa screenshot of you yelling in game or proving that you are Sponsor and she will give your rank on the forums.
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    You can get same rank on forums that you have in-game. Talk with @isa or @di3la.
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    agree with both @Storia and @Alex +1 Goodluck
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    Totally agree with @Storia He woulda be awesome Helper. +1
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    I like Apple. +1 from me! Would be awesome staff.
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    Hello, GS-Community. Most people will not know me, as I rather recently started playing on Golden-Scape, but I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to private servers, having worked and/or played on a lot of different ones. Having said that, I'd still classify myself as "Noob" when it comes to Golden-Scape, which is why I've talked to a few players about the "issues" that I - and others, apparently - currently have. Note that these issues are all QoL-related (quality of life), nothing of this is actually imparing anyone's ability to play this game. They're just annoying and tedious, in my opinion. I am posting this topic to hopefully highlight these issues, and also - obviously - to discuss possible solutions! #1: The charm drops, 1gp drops etc. This is the first time that these drops actively bother me, why that is specifically is explained in #2 & #4, but even without further explanation, they're practically useless. All they do is clutter up the ground, and I never bother picking them up. They're just of no value, to me and to the people that I've talked about this with so far. It'd be great if those drops (at least the ~1-20gp drops) could be disabled, and if something like a charming imp (collecting the charms) could be added to the game, maybe as a reward for a low-ish amount of votepoints (10?). #2: 2b-ticket drops Most monsters/bosses reward you per kill by adding a specific amount of 2b-tickets to your inventory. I don't understand why that isn't the case for something ::love etc., it's making it so much more annoying to be "efficient", as in "don't leave 95% of the drops on the ground because it's annoying". It makes it unnecessarily annoying, and slows down the process of farming, especially for players that have very high strength-bonuses, as they oneshot monsters, yet are forced to wait for the drops to appear if they want to be efficient. #3: Spam caused by too high droprate We had a situation on the server (yesterday, I believe), where a moderator was telling a sponsor to not farm in the sponsorzone, as he was getting a shitton of drops (~10 drops/minute). Possible ways of solving this issue would be to either add an option for players to filter out rare drops from others, or for players to mute their announcements. Maybe it'd also be a good idea to mute announcements from specific zones. #4: Rare drops in general I find it really annoying (see points #2 & #4) to check the lootpile every single time I kill something like ::bloodcrystal, to ensure that I don't miss any rare drops, as those are not announced. Same goes for ::droprate etc., and I was wondering if it'd be possible to get a personal announcement, just something like "That monster left something shiny behind!", just a general heads-up that states "You just got something good, better pick it up". #5: "You gained X points" & "Your droprate helped by X%" These per-kill-messages clutter up the chatbox a lot. Adding an option to disable them (specifically, maybe) would be really nice! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations, you made it through "The wall of text"! Thanks for reading, and please let me know your thoughts on the points mentioned above, what possible solutions you see, and what other QoL-changes would be nice to see in Golden-Scape! Kind regards, Pulsar
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    My in game name is NickNock, you know I made a great application saying how I love the server and how I would donate for it which I will, but therich muted me because someone with the name smd logged in and I said in yell "welcome back suck my dick" as a joke and he even thought it was funny. So therich muted me and gave me "last chance" but I did nothing? I seen him curse in yell chat so its abusing by power and by yell and this is a mod. I thought he was joking and even half the server agreed it was abuse and 0hk the admin said it was abuse. I think he should be warned for it I don't make decisions but it was rude.
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    7.6 Update: Super sponsor zone update: Added Nowa Burning mummys to super sponsor zone. Added nowa box guards to super sponsor zone. Added ::love npcs to super sponsor zone. Added weapon enchant npc to super sponsor zone. Adeed armor enchant npc to super sponsor zone. Added jewellery enchant npc to super sponsor zone. Deleted blood crystal,green demon,lion npcs from super sponsor zone. Changed nowa box guard droprate was 1:1200 now 1:800. Changed nowa burning mymmys droprate was 1:500 now 1:400. Added more npc`s to ::nowabox Added 15% droprate arrow. Added arrow master npc. 1:1000 drops 15% droprate arrow, 2m 2b tickets. Added 2x arrows masters npc to diamond zone. Added new zone ::arrow. Delete some commands from ::commands. Upraded max dr pack. Replaced 10% arrow to 15% arrow. Added butterfly trophy 6% droprate 25k str bonus. Added butterfly trophy to 2b store cost 7m 2b tickets. Added new quest (master quest) Added 5 quest items (master set = boots,gloves,pl8,platelegs,helm) untradable. Master quest get 5 set parts of master and get your award 10m 2b tickets! Added quest zone ::master droprate 1:400 drops master quest parts. Added 2b caskets (chance to get 2000 -2000000 2b tickets) Event prize. Lowered ::diamond and owner torva zone drop rate by half. Added ::redskull to super sponsors and diamonds.
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    Ability to remove rank and npc kills from yell so we can fit more words per line Someone with spawn rights make a guide of what drops what, and stats of everything Add a general store that buys our loot for 2b tickets Fix the donor login symbols. They have white boxes around them *More to come*
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    nice update my brother
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    In-Game Username: Lotty Age: 19 Location: Oklahoma, USA Languages: English History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: 1 1/2, 2 years. i will be active 7-8 hours a day! Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator? i feel like i could help and make improvements while other mods/ helpers are offline What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers? helper in beast ps (small server that never got popular) other tan that not much.Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way? im good at solving problems, if i don't know how to solve a certain problem i will go out of my way to find out howIn three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: i will be able to make the community a better place. i will mm/ secure gambling post to prevent scams. work my A** off everyday to make goldenscape a place for all!Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?:Yes: I (lotty), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. thank you- Lotty
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    In my opinion we should add Donator Tickets into the Donator Shop (50 Points and 100 Points Tickets) So if you want to sell Donator Points to ohter people and you have used them already, then you can buy them back from Donator Store with your Donator Points. That would be G.R.E.A.T Peace.
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    The format is totally wrong. Please follow the instructions! - Storia