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    First go to ::train and kill some penguins. Train your stats enough to kill sponge bob or pikachu at ::train (1:15 droprate) They drop some decent items like ares set, spiderman set, legends blade, legends axe. When u get some of those items start to collect presents and ckeys at ::presents. Open them and try to get some better gear. Best loots from presents are powerful set, 12% amulet, red loot boxes. When you have better stats/gear than you starter ones then start to fight at ::love or ::hell. Collect love points and spend them on the love store. At hell you can collect hell keys and open hell chest for awards! Also vote gives good awards; 2 fortune squel tokkens, 3 presents and 10 2b tickets.
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    Alright you made me write a novel, I have the right to have a opinion ingame, i have the right to let everyone know that what i think is right and wrong, you however thought maybe that i did a staff inpersonate? or couldn't handle my opinion anymore, like really if you think that i said something wrong, you go ahead and use that godly power to mute me ingame, "this is my opinion" not telling you what to do, but to just ban me and when i'm offline from the game, take a really suspecious activity going on, what did i really do that made you do it? do you want to know what i think of this? its bias activity.. like right now i have the right to defend myself of what you're telling the staffteam, i have not done anything wrong of hacking or scammed anyone, this was my opinion.. @di3la i let you decide what to do.
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    Hey it's smd. irl i go by Carson but yo call me whatever i really dont care ya. I've been off and on since basically the creation of the server and its been pretty bad ass the whole time. Di3la knows deep down inside he loves me. Anyway guys i hadnt been around for a while so i figured for all you new people i'd do some basic ass intro with little to no effort grammatically, dont judge me eh just got off of work.