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  1. wow guys! check this out!!! so hectic and insane!!!!
  2. What are the hell chest rewards?
  3. haha just poking a bit of fun lotty the state of privatezone was alot worse
  4. From my point of view, Degacho does more for this server than other helpers, maybe its my timezone but when they're on they're afk. hopefully this new rule will fix that, no more afking venantis for you @lotty
  5. @Xsplit try reply on the correct topic
  6. Couldnt find the edit button but a rework of the achievement system would be awesome! new rewards, new tasks, id love it and i know other players would too
  7. Awesome idea Scoops, i love it, it would be a great addition to the server.
  8. Short and sweet is the way to go in my opinion so here is a quick outline of ideas I have for the server. Shop to sell junk items to for small amounts of 2b tickets. trying to get 750 of each crystal seems ridiculous with the spawn time on barrelchest. infinity, torva and powerful will be quick but the spawn time should be increased on barrelchest, also possibly multiple barrelchest monsters and more seatrolls? Also could add rare drops to the 5 quest bosses and it could be 50 of the respective crystal. (infinity drops 50 infinity crystals etc.) A guide on different tiers of gear could be cool, im working on collecting more and more items so might do this myself. last one is keep doing what ya doing, love this 1.0 fresh start!
  9. Looks good, few things; 1 "remaked all lits in-game like ::commands / ::rules." hopefully this is referring to what i think, there is a lot of server dialogue where the English grammar isn't 100% correct, its understandable with English not being your first language but if we made it all 100% correct then it would increase the professionalism of the server. 2 Do we have an estimated time when the update will be ready? knowing an eco reset is coming has sort of stopped my drive to play. 3 Side note; will I get every rlb and nowa box i donated for refunded?
  10. From what to what sorry?