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  1. In my opinion, you need to prove a lot to get your ank back, its going to take awhile for the staff to full trust you again.If you do earn your rank back (slim chance) i dont think dicing rights should be in the picture, you have messed up and scammed multiple times (which is ban-able) so i think you getting to stay on the server and be a part of the community should be enough for now. Thank you for the apology, but actions speak louder than words so if you are willing to fight for getting your rank back you mush show that you can change. Stick to farming npc's and making videos for now, i dont want to see you asking for items at all. You need to learn how to get the items yourself and dice your won items.
  2. im neutral on this. we do need more helpers online. you arent very active ingame, ive seen you on a couple times in the last week. if i see it change it will be a yes from me!
  3. Its a no from me also, reasons.. 1. You need to have more in-game experience than just 2 weeks. 2. Giving items to new players will not help them, showing them where to go and what to do is most helpful 3. You didn't do the last part of the application agreeing with the terms of goldenscape and the rules. 4. You are active but id like to see a little more in-game improvement. 5. Not all servers are the same, there are items in goldenscape that no other server has, you cant expect to know a new server by just knowing customs. thank you for applying
  4. 25
  5. 2
  6. yes @Twitchy
  7. video explains it all, thanks for watching
  8. for some reason that vid is messed up, rendering and posting a new one in the morning
  9. in my defense i farmed veneatis for 17 hours straight with no afking im a -1 on this application, alot of trash talk and disrespect toward me, also likes to instigate arguments.
  10. also flamed when carrying out duties.
  11. she tried to dice me vs a $300 donation with isa present in dicezone. when asked for the money before she diced she logged out and hasnt been on until today which the punishment is being carried out (20 minutes jailed). you might not think this is a big deal but scamming needs to stop. thank you, lotty <3
  12. today alone i was in game (not afk) for 16+ hours, i am more active than ANY other staff member in game, i am always refreshing forums to see if anyone needs help and im always connected to discord when im online and when im near my phone while im offline @Alex @SillyCat