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  1. 25
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  3. yes @Twitchy
  4. video explains it all, thanks for watching
  5. for some reason that vid is messed up, rendering and posting a new one in the morning
  6. in my defense i farmed veneatis for 17 hours straight with no afking im a -1 on this application, alot of trash talk and disrespect toward me, also likes to instigate arguments.
  7. also flamed when carrying out duties.
  8. she tried to dice me vs a $300 donation with isa present in dicezone. when asked for the money before she diced she logged out and hasnt been on until today which the punishment is being carried out (20 minutes jailed). you might not think this is a big deal but scamming needs to stop. thank you, lotty <3
  9. today alone i was in game (not afk) for 16+ hours, i am more active than ANY other staff member in game, i am always refreshing forums to see if anyone needs help and im always connected to discord when im online and when im near my phone while im offline @Alex @SillyCat
  10. In-Game Username: (Lotty) Age: (19) Location: (Oklahoma, USA) Languages: (perfect english) History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: (1 1/2 years) Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator? (The reason i would like to be goldenscapes trusted dicer is i have been dicing on goldenscape since the first day i started playing, ive put over $350 into my dicing career and i love every bit of it. i also feel like i could handle the full topic of people getting scammed (if it happens) which would take alot of stress off the other staff members that have their hands full helping others. by doing this i would gather the proof of the scam and submit it for the owner to see to make the refund!) What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers? (ive been a trusted dicer on 2 other servers and have never had a complaint!) Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way? (i am very friendly and im a very helpful person. i help as much as possible!) (i feel like o could make goldenscape dicezone a better place with scam free dicing and a good attitude!) In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: (I am very trustworthy. Im a very friendly person. I love goldenscape and everything in it, i cherish every minute!) Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: (Yes: I Lotty, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings.)
  11. Username(forum and ingame): Lotty Requesting rank: Diamond donor Proof:
  12. Don't forget to subscribe and comment what you would like to see next