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  1. ive mentioned this a couple of times in game just havn't got around to suggesting it as of yet but yes I believe it would be a great addition to the game, maybe a monster drops it with a rate of say 1;500 as if its made donor only it wouldn't b fair on the people who grind a lot but cannot afford to donate for donator.
  2. ah well then ive seen you a lot in game lol if you added that to your application I think people would understand lol
  3. i agree with some of what Alex said, I've been here around 3-4 months and not seen you online as of yet so as of now its a no from me as I've not saw you online therefore I cant say you have helped people but hopefully you can be online and change my mind I wish you all the luck
  4. why not? we paid $25 to go there the whole point of it was to have aggressive npcs lol so you don't need tio click after each kill
  5. We could also do with a drop catcher too to catch all the ticks and charms that drop that would be so much better lol
  6. d February 16, 2016 · Report post This will be a short Guide on how to change your Yell,Color and Shade. Ok first we will do yell tag. To change you yell tag all you have to do is type in ::setyelltag (Then tag you want). Now to change your yell color. All you need to do is type in ::setyellcolor (color you want). Same goes for shade, just type ::setyellshade (color you want). Also you will need to put a space in between each command. Example( ::setyelltag Hello ). Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Purple White Black Orange Cyan Credits to for this.Hello guys, I'm here to explain you on how to give your ::Yell a sexy, good looking color :)It's actually quite easy, once you found out how to use it.You start of with ::Yell then a space.Then you type the following (dont freak out if you notice that what you're typing will be invisible, that's normal) ::Yell <col=HEXcode> "Your text here"HEX codes are codes that have been given to every single color.You can find the HEXcode of the color you want to use here. PICTURE Next, beside the color you can give your text in Yell, you can also give it a shade. This goes like this.::Yell <col=HEXcode><shad=HEXcode>"Your text here".Once again, the HEXcodes can be found here.PICTURE That's about it, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in a comment or just PM me about it. These are the colors you can choose from for your yell. I hope you found this short guide useful. Thanks for reading. Note. If I'm missing any colors list please list them below.
  7. I agree with obk if the drop gets lower does that mean the love points won't be every kill that would be only way it would get changed I think and if you ask players 99.9% would say leave as it is
  8. https://imgrpost.com/image/PBTw hope this helps, Thanks
  9. Hi i was wondering if there is any chance I can have my super donator rank on forums please