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  1. Idk i i just went to dismiss my familiar and it happened? maybe because i clicked on the portal before while i was playing , but that was like 2 hours before i went to dismiss my familiar , i lost many of my best items in that
  2. Today i was playing and i had ugly pet, i was unable to pick it up so i went to summoning tab to dismiss it, when i dismissed it it summoned me at a weird place and in my inv only 1 2b ticket and 100m cash, I lost draconic helm, golden rapier, a 10% dr shield i forgot the name of but it looked like malovelent kiteshield on real runescape, 6% purple wings i cant remember the name of, punch gloves , dreamer torva legs, 12% ring, custom platebody and in my inv i had 1 mossy whip and 1 upgrade crystal Please help or if you can rollback me to 30 mins before this post was made