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  1. Welcome GoldenScapers to GoldenScape special donating days this weekend we wil start the special donating days till 26-09-2017 if you want to have one of deals you can pm @isa and @di3la (note This donating deals are for Forums and In-Game )
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  3. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Accepted"
  4. lotty here we go GL witch dicing as trusted dicer accepted/locked
  5. Alex and sillycat u know non other staff are much active on this forums maybe some post 1 time a month only extremes alex me and sillycat are active on forums bud its a good option i see so forums wil be more 1 thing of goldenscape and alex &sillycat he is avtive on forum/discord bud dont make lots new posts checked some for it bud its a yes from my side lotty and i wil talk about witch the staff team
  6. lol i dint say that let me look some
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  8. Never give up 

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       SillyCat frinds  lok in game he 


    3. isa


      als je teamviewer hebt dan kan je me wel pme dan help ik je verder




      wat is teamviewer

  9. no for my and you know why
  10. Welcome to Customized forum donation page! Custom userbar 15$ Custom signature 7$ Custom profile picture 3$ Custom Forum rank 12$ Custom forum section(requires forum rank purchase before buying) 15$ (small note, really usefull for clans/groups) Server Cost And Maintenance Game Development If you have any questions about the donation(s), feel free to pm on discord/forum to @isa You can donate Here, thank you for in advance! Profile picture/Signature/Userbar(s) are made by @isa Customized Forum rank(s) can be made by @isa Private section can be made by @isa Examples:
  11. great job bro keep it up
  12. heey bodhi welcome good to see u here and may as i see ur a gfx designer to ?
  13. great idea i wil think and talk about it witch di3la
  14. i wil add it later bud send me screenshot on private mess or here