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  1. agree with you but need more suggs for items to put in to the store
  2. 19
  3. -1 from me, had many problems with you. And you know what i mean. And i agree with goofy, sorry mate.
  4. 10/10 very good person!
  5. Lets see what di3la and alex say
  6. Ayyy those rewards are realllllllyyyy goood!
  7. huh?
  8. Congratulations mate!
  9. well done!
  10. you re nice and funny guy! WB
  11. Gz mate! Gl on a next with
  12. Imo you dont have any of thiose ranks atm, but well. Take care!
  13. My answer is no, had some problems with you and its enough. And imo youre not changed. +playtime
  14. too early for that rank. Play for a while
  15. sent you a pm on skype for that.