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  1. 15? this counting spam is funny.
  2. Username: Dhara Who Banned You:??? @di3la or @isa ??? Why Were You Banned: unknown Duration: Unknown Punishment (Ban/IP Ban): MacBan? IP-Ban? Why Should You Be Unpunished: @isa had just Un-banned me and I get banned for absolutely no reason after being online after the unban with both @isa and @di3la online.
  3. Alright, @isa
  4. Username: Dhara Who Banned You: Unknown Why Were You Banned: Unknown Duration: Unknown Punishment (Ban/IP Ban): MacBan Apparently Why Should You Be Unpunished: I never did anything to deserve a ban...or a macban for that matter. I come back to GS after a week or so of playing and find out I am apparently macbanned...or well my computer is.
  5. Umm... @isa, you said I was macbanned if I had a cheatclient...which i don't. I don't recall doing anything to get me a macban either...I've been gone for the past week or so due to IRL obligations.
  6. @EdmeWas first thing I tried it was half the reason I posted this thread in the first place.
  7. Used The Client From this link still getting the same error @di3la Would love to continue playing but if this issues causes me not to be able to, then I may just quit.
  8. @isa I'm trying to use the client that I download from the "play now" on this site... I try to log in and get the error...if I got banned for some reason...it wasn't me...I play on a shared computer.
  9. Ingame Username: Dhara Issue: Can't Login Proof: http://prntscr.com/g41ypi I get this error when I try to log into GS! I am not using a Cheat Client! PLEASE HELP ME!
  10. I believe they have this sort of thing already just in a paid donation. It sounds like a nice suggestion though. I would like to see it but if It doesn't happen then oh well...
  11. Great Update @di3la!