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  1. Maybe these boss pets could have any sort of Droprate % with it, like if you wear pet, it would add 5% to your dr (depends how rare the pet is, Example like Capemaster pet would give 8%-10% dr)
  2. Add boss pets ingame, how it would work is pretty easy.. boss you're killing drops a mini boss pet from it, droprate would be like 1:1500 or something close to that. EXAMPLE: https://gyazo.com/5cee2de2852cbe9f3fa202bb3df15dfd (This is just an example of the boss pets.) EXAMPLE 2: Nex = Nex Pet Seatroll = Seatroll Pet Barrelchest = Barrelchest Pet Dreamer = Dreamer Pet God = God Pet Tetsu = Tetsu Pet Colorgod = Colorgod Pet Capemaster = Capermaster Pet Every Kind of Custom Bosses we have ingame would be nice to have a pet drop with it.
  4. weirdos
  5. Huge Staff Update Promotions: Alex has been promoted to Co - Owner Lotty has been promoted to Head Admin Storia has been promoted to Admin 3 has been promoted to Head Moderator Piffy has been promoted to Helper Turnt up has been promoted to Helper Kahlonigamer has been promoted to Youtuber Demotions: Isa has been demoted from Co - Owner Extremes has been demoted from Helper Xsplit has been demoted from Youtuber
  6. now i won
  7. won it
  8. To be honest, then correct.. Our helpers are not quite active. Ive seen you alot being active with helping people and always staying online. Thats a YES from me. Goodluck
  9. i dont know numbers
  10. I can't really remember the reason why i banned him.. But he did something that they shouldnt do so i banned him. @di3la
  11. I love your ideas, i support that.
  12. Suggestions Armour/Weapons from present box have stats. (Its easier for the new players to start something with.) New shops (Monster Point Shop, Boss Point Shop, Custom Point Shop, Goldenscape Point Shop, Vote Shop) More and harder Trivia Questions. If you get a 2b ticket drop in ::Train at Pikachu's then it shows in chat as a rare drop (It should been taken down) Add better loot to Crystal Key chest. Add more loot to Celebration Mystery Lamp. Remove "Shield Store" , "Weapon Store", "Armour Store" "Magic Store" , "Range store" from home shop. Cause no one buys stuff from there. Add something new to Love shop. (Dont remake it, just add something there) New rank, as i have seen players wanted it. If you have any more suggestions, then comment down below your suggestion(s). (These are not just my ideas, these ideas are from the players.)
  13. I support the idea. +1 from me.
  14. I like Apple. +1 from me! Would be awesome staff.
  15. The format is totally wrong. Please follow the instructions! - Storia