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  1. Sad to see you go man, you did good job being Helper on GS! I totally understand why you resign/quit.. this server won't be up much more. Anyways man best of luck whatever you're going to do! and how dare you not to put me in there
  2. Thanks for everything you've done for us! And I totally understand why you're leaving.. best of luck with whatever you do!!! #jordu
  3. First of all, why is "thank you so much for reading" in the middle of the application? Seems fishy to me This is your first post on GoldenScape forums which is a BIG minus. Members, like me who are not online 24/7 and just can't see/play with players who're not online when they are. That's why we have forums, to communicate with the rest of the members. As this is your first post and I have not seen you in game then I have to say NO. ~Alex
  4. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  5. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  6. Sorry, but we can not accept this application due to these reasons: This application is unreadable and were put together in 5 minutes. I am pretty sure you didn't double check your application. Your application has many typo's and grammar mistakes which is a big problem because player's just can not understand you. Last sentence doesn't make any sense at all. "Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: yes:i faster tbh, understand that if i break rules, or turn out to be horrendous helper, without and warnings" Application denied, locked/moved.
  7. Will not happen, thanks for suggesting. /locked
  8. Catcher drop? More like drop catcher Other than that, nice video mate! Keep it up
  9. Welcome back!
  10. Hi

    Hello, welcome!
  11. Staff Update 12/13/17 Today we have very important staff promotion. Promotions: @198078 has been repromoted to In-Game Developer. We've been looking for Developer for a long time as you guys know, and finally I can introduce you guys our new Developer 198078 aka Jacoby! He have been developer for not a long time and has already done some incredible updates which will be released soon. @Client has been promoted to Trial Helper. He've been great member doing good job helping others so why not give him a chance. Demotions: @The Kid Xsplit has been demoted from Trial Helper and YouTuber. He is now permanentely demoted and banned from GoldenScape forums, discord and in game. He will not be re-promoted or unbanned from GoldenScape again. ~GS
  12. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Applications" to "Declined"
  13. Didn't mean to say anything in a negative way, just pointing out the facts. For now, Application is denied. Feel free to apply again in 1 week. //locked, moved
  14. First of all, you are only able to apply for Helper rank. However if you think you'd fit higher position better then PM Owner(s) privately. Storia said everything for me. ~Alex
  15. Server will become more boring we we'd do that. Point of custom and any other server is growing bank and dicing is one way. However it has risk of losing, which should every player know. I suggest making dicing safer somehow, not removing it.