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  1. Sorry but it's a no from me. That's weird, i see that your grammar ain't best, but when i was reading those 3 sentences why u should become mod.. Then i was like what? Did you copy paste it or someone wrote it for you or what...
  2. Support from me, I haven't seen you much online due to fact we have different timezones. But I see that someone already is supporting you so yeah.. You should be more active on forums though, i know you're applying for in game spot but still.. And I like your application overall, it's simple and tells everything we need to know.
  3. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  4. Thanks Lotty for pointing out third one. Your application has been declined. Feel free to apply again in 2 weeks. /locked
  5. Sorry, but my vote will be negative. I haven't seen you online much, maybe a few times. I ain't online 24/7 so dw bout it. But what makes me vote negatively? You were that lazy to not even make an account on the forums? Seriously.. You're applying for Staff so you most be an active member on the forums WHIT your own account. ( sorry if you great explanation for it ) Plus you've joined recently, 2 weeks ago if I remember right. Imo you should play atleast 1 month to know this server well. Every custom rsps aint same. Little question is also your english, but yeah, this server's 75℅ of the players ain't speaking fluent english. -Alex And glad to see another player from Estonia #EstTeam @Storia @Apple.exe @Alex and you...
  6. You shoulda make it 1000ckeys not 100 Not bad btw.
  7. Copy the template and post an appeal here: http://goldenscape-ps.com/index.php?/forum/69-appeals/ Rules for appealing. Do not make troll or joke appeals, this section is serious. You MUST use template below or your thread will be ignored. Ban Template. Username: Who Banned You: Why Were You Banned: Duration: Punishment (Ban/IP Ban): Why Should You Be Unpunished: Mute Template. Username: Who muted you: Why Were You muted: Duration: Punishment (Mute/IP mute ): Why Should You Be Unpunished:
  8. I understand you, but it's a brand new box with best items in gane as a reward. We cant just think price to it like its 15k tickets and all. We make it expensive first and then continue to reduce or increase price of it. Most likely reduce. Hopefully you understand us, -Alex
  9. Yeah, i've told owner that before too i guess. +1 from me
  10. Nicely done ma bro
  11. 16
  12. heya guysss lets spam shit out of everyone!_:!1!#¤!¤ lets comment numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc etc Lets see how big we can get this. Every person most comment next number of the last number commented. i start, 1
  13. 14 biatches
  14. 12! Learn2 count nubies
  15. Situation solved, banned Phizx.
  16. Application has been declined. /Locked
  17. It finally comes alive! Tysm for this, can wait for it. HMU for team
  18. Hello GoldenScape Lovers! (GSL) Only promotions this time, no demotions. Apple has been promoted to Moderator. Xsplit has been promoted to Youtuber.
  19. I suggest you to upload your video to youtube and making a new thread. /locked
  20. Brilliant No more afking guys!
  21. I know that you've been staff member before but that aint explaining why you shouldn't tell us for which rank you apply. Makes easier for di3la to decide.
  22. Well well well.. I don't like that you don't know for which rank you're applying. You should tell us specific rank for what you apply. As I haven't been online much lately I can't give you my vote.
  23. That's decent video over there! Congratulations to all of the winners.
  24. @lotty I never said that you aint active in game or discord. And @isa well well.. Thats why we need more forums activity, not like sitting on forums not saying anything. By activity i meant forum posts. And those should be atleast 30 to apply for staff position. Atleast for me it was 30 when i applied.