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Everything posted by Twitchy

  1. good job ^^
  2. nice update.
  3. nice
  4. Alright you made me write a novel, I have the right to have a opinion ingame, i have the right to let everyone know that what i think is right and wrong, you however thought maybe that i did a staff inpersonate? or couldn't handle my opinion anymore, like really if you think that i said something wrong, you go ahead and use that godly power to mute me ingame, "this is my opinion" not telling you what to do, but to just ban me and when i'm offline from the game, take a really suspecious activity going on, what did i really do that made you do it? do you want to know what i think of this? its bias activity.. like right now i have the right to defend myself of what you're telling the staffteam, i have not done anything wrong of hacking or scammed anyone, this was my opinion.. @di3la i let you decide what to do.
  5. why banned?: ??? for?: ???? anything els you would like to add? yes i got wrongfully banned by someone on the staffteam, or els i would have known why i got banned.
  6. how will the loot system work? is it the one that do the most damage, gets the loots or?
  7. good job
  8. this have been suggested already but Raids please!!
  9. Edite: i'm neutral on this one.
  10. While that's all dandy and all, it wont take long for your supposed new rank to be populated aswell, it might even be day one 10 donors for the new rank, so i'd say now after so much thinking about it, its no use addding a new rank,it will be floaded the next month or next week even if more people join. first i was looking forward to a rank which i could have alone for a while, but now i see its kinda impossible.