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  1. awesome bro!!! do a red loot unboxing ved next!!!
  2. I agree with most of this. I think we should keep the combat shops for pking if anyone was to want to pk. No one wants to pk in customs. More loot to celebration lamp and c-key chest is an awesome idea. At least more extreme rares but make them hard as shit to get. Harder trivia questions would give other players a chance to win. New rank is a no brainer. X) all in all I support this post.
  3. Typing on a phone. Sorry for the misspellings. Big fingers. You get what im saying though.
  4. Ok so hear me out, there are so many diamond sponsors now it's not even funny. People are obviously willimg to pay in the hundreds for rabk alone in this server myself included. Why bot add one more sponsor above diamond and give it it's own personal zone with all desired bosses in it to farm alone and lowered drop rare. You can call it "Onyx sponsor". (Just an idea name) MAKE IT A $300 1 TIME PAYMENT!!! Whatch this servers profits skyrocket and your loyal playerbase will love to pay it not only for the benefits but to keep this server alive and well. Ik I'd buy it. Just an idea floating around the players. I'm just putting it into words on forums.
  5. It would get the eco flowing a lot better also.
  6. This is an awesome list!!!
  7. sorry was accidentally signed in as a guest.
  8. He has been tons of help in my opinion.
  9. I was wondering if I can get sponsor rank on forums. if not id like to know how one can get ranked on forums. im going to be with this server for awhile.