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  1. Special effect kappa hahahahahahaha Why does age matter when being a staffmember comes up to professional acts, mature behaviour? You're a Forum Moderator act like one instead telling them that they don't fit. You could atleast give him some feedback. Itsonlya, No support *You are applying for staff position "Helper" not Graphics Designer. *Grammar plays a huge role as being a staff member. *This is your first forum post which has a huge influence as being "known/respected" member in the Community. Support *Your motivation is totally correct, keep that part up. Never lose it. So this both together balances to Neutral
  2. You can request your rank here! You don't have to make new thread to request your rank. Just be simple and reply on this thread with the format. Only Donators/Veteran rank(s). Format for Donator rank(s); Username(forum and ingame): Requesting rank: Proof(make a photo of your entire client where you stand in the right donator zone+yell): Requirements for Veteran rank *50 Forum posts. *50 days ingame played(screenshot required). *Account has to be one year old. Who can give you rank? Forum Administrator and higher.
  3. I'm weakkk
  4. someone has count issues O_o
  5. Maybe could you explain to us what you were doing before you got banned. Or give any ideas why, possibility abused small bug something like that? Would be appreciated. Also I've informed staffteam about it
  6. I'll contact with ingame staffmembers about this. But next time do not dice with players hasn't donated yet or wants to offer a donation while gamlbing. Please do not this again without staff eyes to witness.
  7. First things goes first. This is my last reply on this application. However the amount you've donated shouldn't affect eco that much by afk killing or give you permission to be our superior, all I've made is a suggestion towards Isa. Then you started to act childish, I've called you a dick once which is not serious offense language, might be little bit. My staff position doesn't affect my rep or my personally or anything. This position gives me tools/access to be able help players out on forums. Also, do not bring false facts into this situation such as Isa warnt me about bossing around. Never done it, all she said is stop both of us. Do me a favour, please put word "toxic" into a nice way for me? Because I really can't do that right now. Feel free to open a report against me, we'll see how it goes, but I'll suggest you do not threat over threads/anything. And yes you're allowed to apply after 2 weeks at every application. But be smart, always ask yourself this: Did I learn anything from previous application. Did I improve since last time?
  8. You do not meet the requirements on forums, Requirements for Veteran rank *50 Forum posts. *50 days ingame played(screenshot required). *Account has to be one year old. Reply on this thread once you meet the requirements; Request declined,locked.
  9. First off, thank you for filling an application and being interested to become staffmember once again. Absolute no support, *Forum activity is minimal, which can be better. *You've applied recently, nearly three weeks ago. You havn't improved ingame at all when I logged last time. *I can't put this nice way but... You're toxic, supervisor thinker, thinking you're better than everyone.
  10. Honestly, I have the chance to reply now, First off thank you for applying for this position. Second, which makes me to no vouch, *I would love to see more forum activity overall. *You just recently applied for Dice Manager which got declined. Third, which makes me to vouch, *You're nice person, kind. *You know what you're doing. *Activity ingame? Yea you can check that as a postive thing. *Can be trusted. Conclusion; Neutral. Goodluck on your application man!
  11. Rank given. congratulations of becoming a Diamond donator! And thank you for your donation!
  12. Thread has been locked because Server had an eco reset which the items doesn't exist anymore.
  13. Thread has been locked because Server had an eco reset which the items doesn't exist anymore.
  14. Thread has been locked because Server had an eco reset which the items doesn't exist anymore.
  15. Congratulations Apple&Split! Pretty sure you two won't let the community down
  16. Looking good video man! You do talk alot in chat Keep it up mate!
  17. Not at all, just basic stuff
  18. My name is Bodhi(irl), SillyCat(ingame/forums), I'm 18 years old. I love to sport,gaming, chilling with friends, watching netflix/tv shows. music taste goes to ncs,LP,AliBru,ATC,FTE,FOF(shorter names of bands), I'm also an forum addict. I'm currenty following ICT(Information and Communication Technology) afterwards I've planned to go into Website designs/coding. To be honest I can't wait to start the schoolyear and ace all the tests. Anything you want to know? Just ask it straight away!