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    majd monya
  1. In-Game Username: jojolove1 Age: 22 Location: Israel Languages: english-arabic-hebrow History and length of stay at Goldenscape?: I was playing this game before like a year and a half. Why would you like to become a Goldenscape Helper/Moderator? I won't to help others I wanna make all my best to make people like the server and till her friends to come and play this server. What experience have you had worth mentioning from other servers? I playing runescape more than a 10 years ago and now I playing osrs and goldenscape server.Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Goldenscape in any way? we can make the server more alive like to got on grandexchange that everyone but what he wont for sale and others people can go and see what they sale and buy what they won't.In three or more sentences tell us why you should become Member of staff on Goldenscape: Hey there guys, the reasons I feel I should be part of The Plantation is based on a few key factors. A. Tenure, I've been with goldenscape off and on for a year and a half, started back in august of 2017 on the account Laevateinn, I encountered an extreme ticket and made Vgod. It has the highest drop rate so I use it for PVM because its a Hardcore. B. Community Relations. I am an upstanding member and have always paid my dues and been a positive part of the community. C. I have always given back. Before The Plantation existed I was always giving what extra I had back to the community. I love helping people and hope that if I can get on my feet again I will be able to be a lender within The Plantation. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?:Yes: I jojolove1, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous helper, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. No: Application Nullified
  2. great update bro thanks u soo much !!! we all love this server becauze you !