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  1. Hey guys just looking to have some friendly competition! Last post wins! Looks like I'm gonna win
  2. Think I'm at 1460 total or so and 158 quest points, so I'm good:)
  3. Well Jordan, I love your application without a doubt. Great to see you have compassion for other in the community, I'm going to have to say SUPPORT. Good luck Jordan
  4. Thanks for writing an app, looks good! Like to see that you have dedication to Goldenscape and I clearly see you show your support to Goldenscape as well. Neutral for now Hello, but it can change at any point. Good luck man!
  5. First off. Nice lookin application, like to see to took a bit of time;) I like to see you set goals for future rank, but you would and must start out as helper if you were to get the postion. For now I will be neutral, I just want to see you help more now that I see you're going for staff. Good luck Client
  6. Great update di3la!
  7. Howdy folks, I'll be doing weekly giveaways as we head into Christmas! Hopefully you have a chance to win, good luck! - I will be doing weekly giveaways until Christmas - Giveaways that have ended will have (ENDED) beside them. EXAMPLE - Giveaway 1 - Week 1 (ENDED) Giveaway 1 - Week 1 (ENDED) - How this will work, I will be posting a new giveaway topic each week, all you have to do is guess 1-20. Whoever guesses the number I have choose at random will win. RULES - ONLY 1 GUESS PER PLAYER Prize - 25k 2b Tickets Giveaway 2 - Week 1 (ENDED) - How this will work, first to msg me in-game will win. - I will be on at a random time tomorrow, after I post this my first pm will be the winner. Prize - 15k 2b Tickets - Prizes will most likely get better every week! Feel like adding to my next weeks giveaway? Just pm me in-game, I will be sure to accept it and give a little shout out;)
  8. Thank you for hosting, good luck to all!
  9. Snooze you lose, winner winner chicken dinner!
  10. Ezpz as always
  11. Add-on to storia 2nd example barrelchest pet would give 3-5% compared to capemaster with 8-10%
  12. I think the cosmetic version would be cool enough alone, although if di3la decided to add a buff to he pet id be alright with it
  13. You can always buy it from the store if you don't get the drop;) -1
  14. hi

    Dealt with.
  15. +1 Great guy, very active.
  16. I'd like to suggest adding 1 more venetatis to the server in a different location of the current one. The reason I say in a different spot is because this will prevent 1 person being able to crash and also allow someone who doesn't want to crash another location to go to. Opinions?
  17. Congratz on the drop, so lucky!
  18. At a loss for words of how someone could be so spastic.
  19. All 4 ar's to create a owner Ar, sounds cool to me!
  20. Awesome! Great update!
  21. Great vid nice edit as well
  22. As of right now.... I agree with @Apple.exe, I think we should wait a week or or two maybe less before accepting or declining your application. For when and if you get the spot I agree with @lotty about the 1 week trial as a helper. I have seen you "short tempered" twice in the last little bit since I've returned, this cannot be happening as a staff member and along as we see improvement in the time period above ^ I don't see why we wouldn't give you a chance, you know the server and tend to help out a bit. For now I am neutral, but this can change at any point. Good luck