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  1. Awesome! Great update!
  2. Great vid nice edit as well
  3. As of right now.... I agree with @Apple.exe, I think we should wait a week or or two maybe less before accepting or declining your application. For when and if you get the spot I agree with @lotty about the 1 week trial as a helper. I have seen you "short tempered" twice in the last little bit since I've returned, this cannot be happening as a staff member and along as we see improvement in the time period above ^ I don't see why we wouldn't give you a chance, you know the server and tend to help out a bit. For now I am neutral, but this can change at any point. Good luck
  4. Hey guys just looking to have some friendly competition! Last post wins! Looks like I'm gonna win
  5. oh yaaaa
  6. You're always welcome back! Not sure what happened to be honest, but things can change, you may be about to get your rank back if you show you can handle it.
  7. Might need to get your eyes checked
  8. Good try, but yay im in the lead
  9. Was hoping to see the opening as well:P
  10. Great update!
  11. Thanks for hosting and giving noobs like me a chance to get good items!