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  1. di3la is fine with the coding part
  2. i would not keep him muted longer then 24 hours for that
  3. staffzone is just for meetings etc dsnt need to be anything special
  4. if you'd make an automated dice games platform then it would be way smoother
  5. +1 for obvious reasons
  6. Country roads, take me homeTo the place I belongWest VirginiaMountain mamma, take me homeCountry roads. nice application +1
  7. whalecum dude
  8. nice one 👏🏼
  9. ayeee 😊
  10. oh yea true, current pets get lost needs to be fixed
  11. gz dude
  12. aint rlly enough to host tbh, expand your bank first
  13. aint as warm
  14. nope, not gonna happen... people can just reply with their opinion
  15. julias box