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  1. please di3la unban me
  2. hope i get unbanned
  3. Username: Ioplobster Who Banned You: Di3la Why Were You Banned: well i won the dicing with p o t leaf and he lied in yell and di3la macbanned me p o t leaf it self he is a scammer Lol thts and di3la mac banned me p o t leaf said i scammed him lol Duration: b4 1 month Punishment (Ban/IP Ban): mac ban Why Should You Be Unpunished: well i really wanna play gs i cannot quit it and i never scammed and p o t leaf is a scammer !!!!!! hope i get unbannnned !!!!
  4. i didint broooo
  5. I was dding P o t leaf i won with him when i won he yelled and said i got scammed........ im like wtffffffffffffff and then di3la jailed and mac banned me p o t leaf scammms everyone not only me he is a fucking scammer......... im telling now so he can get banned soon... hope i get unabnned
  6. Well i never scammed while i was dicing p o t leaf he scammed me and he was like guys anyone??????? pleaseeeee ioplobster scammmmed me i was like wtf...... and di3la jailed and mac banned me hope i get unbaned back p o t leaf is fking scammer please i hope i get unbanned