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  1. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  2. Goldenscape message your topic has been moved from "Forums Support" to "Forums Support"
  3. Accepting this application. gz on helper.
  4. I accept this application, but i need to decide to give you helper or moderator rank : )
  5. welcome to the gs squad ;D
  6. 1. Changed Mining skilling quest. Bring him 300 coals to get 1 cash box. Was 1000 coals. 2. Fixed scary quest dialogue. 3. Updated Staff panel. 4. Changed bird`s nest awards. 10x 2b tickets, noted magic logs, noted coal. 5. Added slayer master at home. 6. Added new thieving awards 2b tickets. 8. Added thieving tables at home. 9. Added miss prestige npc at home. 10. Removed 135 level lamps from all stores. 11. Added ice offhand sword 20% droprate 1000+ str. 12. Added coldstare trophy 7% droprate 700+ str 500 all def status. 13. Added ::coldstare zone (minimum 3k npc kills to acces this zone) 1:1500 drops ice offhand & coldstare trophy. 14. Removed coins from the game:) all gp stores will sell items for free. 15. Added junk store. at home. junk store buys: Owner,epic,cold capes 60% ring Dreamer set Donator aura Flame,punch gloves,camulet. All completed owner parts. All owner parts 1+ 2+ completed. Dreamer trophy Dreamer parts all regulular to 1+ 2+ All riffles + colored Glock. Rising star parts,rising feather eye blade. Sponsor sword. Evil amulets reg to completed Butterfly trophy Tetsu parts Droprate arrows Draconic parts. Rainbow boots. God parts,feather eye blade. Sirenic parts Blade torva parts. Powerful parts. Oldschool torva parts. And other things..
  7. Added on game:) with new uipdate it will be release thx for nice suggestion.
  8. Added new gs client icon. Added new custom home. Added 2 new skilling quests at new home. (magic logs,coal quests) ( Due issues of nex coal drops quest was changed coal quest for limited time. Bring him 1000 coals to get 1 cash box ) Changed Staffzone location. Changed dicezone location. New ::chill zone:) Added more vote links. Gaming top List ; Rsps-Page (every 12 hours)
  9. crim is the most active player on server. i give a big +
  10. great job mate:)
  11. gz bud:)
  12. Answers: 1. Glock its not op weapon to make it colored. 2.I dont think that server atm need new weapons. but we can make it for a quest.;) 3. Di3la torva sounds bad for me;) and only for donate.. no:) i dont like this one. Couse we dont got much donators. And regular players will be mad. 4. hmm i like this idea. 5. 1:20.. lmao every player can make his droprate to 20 and get drops every kill. 6. Nice idea i like it
  13. and that idiot thinked that he will transfers all items to kush acc and he will be safe nah. goodluck to him
  14. Solved. XmarkX accounts (kush,xmarkx deleted) ip,mac banned. Losted items was spawned to dhampir acc.:)