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Everything posted by di3la

  1. Added new gs client icon. Added new custom home. Added 2 new skilling quests at new home. (magic logs,coal quests) ( Due issues of nex coal drops quest was changed coal quest for limited time. Bring him 1000 coals to get 1 cash box ) Changed Staffzone location. Changed dicezone location. New ::chill zone:) Added more vote links. Gaming top List ; Rsps-Page (every 12 hours)
  2. crim is the most active player on server. i give a big +
  3. great job mate:)
  4. gz bud:)
  5. Answers: 1. Glock its not op weapon to make it colored. 2.I dont think that server atm need new weapons. but we can make it for a quest.;) 3. Di3la torva sounds bad for me;) and only for donate.. no:) i dont like this one. Couse we dont got much donators. And regular players will be mad. 4. hmm i like this idea. 5. 1:20.. lmao every player can make his droprate to 20 and get drops every kill. 6. Nice idea i like it
  6. and that idiot thinked that he will transfers all items to kush acc and he will be safe nah. goodluck to him
  7. Solved. XmarkX accounts (kush,xmarkx deleted) ip,mac banned. Losted items was spawned to dhampir acc.:)
  8. Delcined: Reason his password was: youtube :DDDDDDDD
  9. Halloween update: Added new halloween reaper quest at ::home.. Quest: Bring him: 150x scarecows 150x zombie bones 150x Big botles of blood 150x Candles Award 3 Cash box,1 gs box,2 nowa boxes:) Quest zone: ::halloween (1:300 all npcs drops cash boxes + 3 2b tickets) Skeleton each kill gives 1x scarecow. skeleton warlock each kill gives 1x zombie bones. Enraged barbarian spirit gives 1x big bottle of blood. Skeleton champion gives 1x candles.
  10. crank i need you;) i need one gfx icon for client.;) can u help me?
  11. New vote award 1rlb 15 2b tickets 20 crystal keys and vote point. Added some new items to vote store. (rising star set,rising star feather eye blade,assault riffle,glock) Create cash box. 3$ each drops 2b tickets. Loots: Common 1-6T Uncommon 7-12T Rare 16-20T Very rare 22-30T Ultra rare 40-100T Lowered donate store prices. Lower gs box price to 60k,lower assault riffle to 110,glock to 30k. Lowered draconic set price on 2b store, 10% dr arrow price on 2b store. Added rares store on home.Sell rare phats hweens for 2b tickets. Deleted flower poker zone. ( need fix mithril seeds) Added new ::2b zone. Each kills gives 1-12 2b tickets. Rare loots: 1:300 50 2b tickets. Edited starter guide.
  12. xsplit declined;) title is not enough for veteran rank
  13. Lowered gs box price on 2b store was 300k now 200k. Added ::checkinv ::checkbank commands to trust dicers and helpers. Added soul ring drop to crystal key chest. Added ::pnpc ::unpc command to trust dicers and youtubers. Bosted completed owner torva stats to 700str. Added hell key,white baret,angel sword to monster points shop.
  14. When you stop begging items just pm me!:)
  15. mostly been co ??? dont kidding me alot times u promisted me to help but u didin`t;)
  16. Zone: ::Flowerpoker Added flowerpoker 2b shop Added mithril seeds,mithril seeds 50x on store. Added some custom phats. Rules of thegame:
  17. Hot or Cold The host plants a mithril seed. You say "Hot" or "Cold" Depending upon the color of the flower, you win or lose. Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay: Flower Poker This game is played between 2 players. Each player must plant 5 mithril seeds. Depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided. Rules: If a player plants 2 flowers of the same color, it is considered 1-pair (1p) If a player plants two 1 pairs (2 different pairs) it is considered 2-pair (2p) If a player plants 3 of the same, it is considered 3-of-a-kind (3oak) If a player plants 4 of the same, it is considered 4-of-a-kind (4oak) If a player plants 5 of the same, it is considered 5-of-a-kind (5oak) If a player plants 3-of-a-kind and a 1-pair, it is considered full house (fh) If a a player plants 5 different flowers, it is a bust.** White/Black flowers are a replant* The winning case is as follows; 5oak>4oak>full-house>3oak>2p>1p>bust If both players bust, it is a replant. *In case any one of the 5 flowers is white/black, both players must start over and re-plant all 5. **In the situation where both players bust, both of them must replant 5 flowers and replay.
  18. I first time see this one how it works? can someone give me a example or video.
  19. Fixed ::upgrades command which did not work properly. Fixed Gold assault riffle. Lowered gs box price on 2b store. Diamond zone updates: Dreamer torva 1:500 drops dreamer parts. Owner torva 1:1000 drops owner torva parts. Deleted prime torva from diamond zone. Added rising star warrior 1:1000 (drops rising star feather eye blade, set parts) Edited Steroid penguin loots 1:1000 (drops glock,assault riffle) Edit mini corp loots 1:800 (drops lime,red blood banana,gold soul) Added dice manager rank. Updated sponsor zone: Added jewellery,armor,weapon enchants guards. Nowa box guard. Epic cape Guard. Lovely girl Privatezone upgrade. Added new private zone drops; 2x red loot boxes, 3x of 50, 100 donor points. How to get it? If you want to upgrade your privatezone then you have to donate for it once more. It will automatically update your privatezone after donation. Added ::capemaster (drops cold cape 1:2000) Added dice manager rank. Changed colors of ::commands
  20. nice video good editing:)
  21. Declined. He was warned before couse tryed to sell draconic set for ors gold;)