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  1. Sorry noone aproved his registration now i valided his account.:)
  2. Nice video budd:)
  3. Today goldenscape releaseing new opening box called GS BOX! How to get? 2b store & Donate Store. Loots: Common Rewards Draconic Set Part Draconic Set Part Draconic Set Part Butterfly Trophy Rainbow Boots 5k donator points. 10k 2b tickets. Uncommon Rewards Tetsu Set Part Tetsu Set Part Tetsu Set Part 3X Nowa Boxes Angel Sword 10k donator points. Rare Rewards Glock 40%! Evil Amulet 15% droprate arrow Dreamer Set Part 2+ Dreamer Set Part 2+ Dreamer Set Part 2+ Epic cape Owner cape Very Rare Rewards Owner Katana Completed Evil Amulet Owner Set Part Owner Set Part Owner Set Part UltraRareRewards Rising Star Set Part Rising Star Set Part Rising Star Set Part Assault Riffle 55%! MegaRareRewards Rising Star Feather eye blade 60% droprate ring Completed Owner Brutal Whip Completed Owner Spirit Shield Completed Owner Set Part. Completed Owner Set Part. Completed Owner Set Part. Rising Star Gloves Cold Cape
  4. but look on loots.
  5. Nice video keep it going!:)
  6. Nice video,but you can show only rs lang.:)
  7. can you just offer me what items need to be added to that shop?
  8. Added some new items to Crystal Key Chest Loot: - Ultimate Dragon Wings 6% (Ultra Rare) - Flame Gloves 7% (Ultra Rare) - Blade Torva Shield 10% (Ultra Rare) - Cold Sword 14% (Ultra rare) - Di3la sword 10% (Rare) - Lion Set pieces 2% (Rare) - GanjaMan Wings 2% (Rare) - Upg Perfect Hween mask 4% (Rare) - Bond (So people can mix Ganjaman wings with bond to make Tiger cape) - Blade Torva Helm - Sirenic Boots - Cold boots 1% - Poisin Dagger 4% - Perfect Swrod 5% - Ares Set pieces. - Dollar Cape - Pets - Powerful Wings - Banners - Elegant Set pieces (ALL COLOURS) - Rainbow Wings - Regular Phats, Colden-Scape Phat, Colourful Phat. - Hween Masks - Rainbow Afro - Upg Crystal - Google Chrome Sword - Sirenic Gloves - Scythe - Spirit Shields - Cavalier hats - Rainbow Set Pieces including Kiteshiled - Custom Axe 6% - Jester Scarf, Tri Scarf - Add Sled to Crystal Chest or Ingame - 400 Sharks or Manta Rays - Basket Of Eggs - Amulet 3% - Tormented Set Pieces - Poweful Gloves - Black Aura 3% - Angel wings (all colours) - Monster Skeleton Trophy 2% - Deathful Kite (All colours) - Ares Sword - 420 boots - Pink Dildo - Billi's Bong - super magic box - red loot box - camulet - alot torvas
  9. Super magic box on vote store cost only 3 points now. was 10. Lowered god set price on vote store. Red loot box on love store now costs 120 points. Rainbow boots on love store now costs 2k points. Frost Dagger on love store now costs 2k points. Prayer npc 1:10 drops presents. Regular present 1:10 drops presents. Rookie 1:10 drops presents Pikachu 1:15 (drops ares set,legends blade,legends axe) Sponge bob 1:15 (drops spiderman set,ares shield,legends blade,legends axe) Laser demon 1:10 (drops present) Penguin 1:10 (drops present) Renewed presents. Added more new better items!:) (added camulet,powerful set,red loot boxes) Changed vote award Now 2 fortune tokkens,15 2b tickets,3 presents. Nerfed ::love hp`s. 1:300.drops 2x presents,50 donor points. Fixed Hell npcs 2b drop`s was 10 2b ticks per kill now 1 2b tick.
  10. First go to ::train and kill some penguins. Train your stats enough to kill sponge bob or pikachu at ::train (1:15 droprate) They drop some decent items like ares set, spiderman set, legends blade, legends axe. When u get some of those items start to collect presents and ckeys at ::presents. Open them and try to get some better gear. Best loots from presents are powerful set, 12% amulet, red loot boxes. When you have better stats/gear than you starter ones then start to fight at ::love or ::hell. Collect love points and spend them on the love store. At hell you can collect hell keys and open hell chest for awards! Also vote gives good awards; 2 fortune squel tokkens, 3 presents and 10 2b tickets.
  11. 5
  12. Boosted Youtuber Cape. 10k all bonuses. Added to ::rules No afk Killing rule! Fixed ::prices guide. Added new items to monster points store. (cosmetics) Added Assault riffle gun ongame!:) 40% droprate (use prayer with it) Added Glock! 25% droprate. (use prayer with it) Added superior tetsu set. 340+ strenght bonus +5 prayer. each part. Tommorow i will add droprate to this set. New zone ::tetsu 1:600 drops tetsu parts. Added ::droprateguide. Added assault riffle and glock to 2b store. Boosted some present`s items for starters: Legends blade 150+ str. Spiderman torva 140+ str each part. Added glock and assault riffle to 2b store! Soon will be in donate store too. Legends Axe 160+ Str. Ares Set + shield 160+ str. Royal_rapier 170+ str. Added flame gloves to presents rare loot.:) Due issues of crashing deleted agressive from private presents. (no afk killing) Added double xp ring to 2b store!
  13. Added multi boss Nex with 4 mage guards. Zone ::nex (strong boss. Need team to kill it:) Every kills give drops to. 24 drops. 1 random drop every kill. Regular Drops: 1. 175 to 200 noted magic logs frost dragon bone. (new skilling quest coming collect magic logs!) 2. 275 to 300 hand cannon shoots,frost dragon bone. 3. 3 Super Mystery boxes,frost dragon bone. 4. 100 2b tickets,frost dragon bone. 5. Cold arrow pack,frost dragon bone. 6. Pernix Helm,frost dragon bone. 7. Pernix legs,frost dragon bone. 8. Pernix body,frost dragon bone. 9. Virtus Body,frost dragon bone. 10. Virtus Legs,frost dragon bone. 11. Saradomin brew,super restore potion,frost dragon bone. 12. Tri-Jester Scarf,frost dragon bone. 13. Jester scarf,frost dragon bone. 14. 150 2b tickets,frost dragon bone. 15. 200 runite ore,frost dragon bone (new skilling quest coming collect runite ores!) 16. Rainbow Scarf,frost dragon bone. 17. Chinese Ny,Frost dragon bone. 18. Krypton,frost dragon bone. 19. Gold Hammer,frost dragon bone. 20. Double exp ring,frost dragon bone. 21. 4k Pure essence,frost dragon bone.(new skilling quest coming collect pure essences!) 22. 2.4 coal,frost dragon bone. (new skilling quest coming collect coal!) 23. 30 presents,1 frost dragon bone. 24. 2b tickets (1-300 random),frost dragon bone. Rare drops 1:300 Assault riffle. Glock. 5k 2b tickets. Nex will be releaset today.
  14. Founded this one on ban log. [29/08/2017]-[17:49:30 PM]: [storia] ::ban twitchy I want to know Storia why twitchy is banned. @Storia
  15. You know that accept real cash bets its ilegal? how he can bet it? and i will punish sara for it. thx for report
  16. Something went wrong. Please try again. Upload video.
  17. Owner torva droprate: 1:3000 (owner parts,owner brutal whip,owner spirit shield) Dreamer torva droprate: 1:1000 (drops dreamer parts and dreamer trophy) Calisto 1:500 (drops punch gloves,12% amulet,rainbow bootS) Venetatis 1:700 (drops rising star set,evil amulet,butterfly trophy) Vetion 1:700 (drops draconic set) Scorpia 1:1000 (drops rising star feather eye blade,evil amulet,15% dr arrow,angel sword) Nowa burning mummy 1:400 (rare drops 100-500 2b tickets,1 red loot box) Nowa box guard 1:800 (rare drops 500-800 2b tickets, nowa box) Trophy Hellhound 1:400 (rare drops all kind of trophys) All Enchant guards 1:1000 (rare drops Weapon,armor,jewellery enchants) Seatroll 1:400 (rare loots mystery box,10% droprate arrow,red loot box) Sirenic 1:300 (rare loots sirenic set parts) Oldschool Torva 1:310 (rare loots oldschool torva set,di3la sword,ganjaman wings) Barrelchest 1:600 (rare loots 100-1000 2b tickets,2 red loot boxes,nowa box)::drea ::infinity Infinity kitty 1:300 (rare loots infinity flag,infinity hell blade,infinity red chain amulet,mystery box) Infinity BAE 1:400 (drops samurai katana,teddy bear,mystery box) Presents 1:20 (drops 1x present) Epic cape guard 1:3000 (drops epic cape) Arrow 1:1000 (drops 15% dr arrow,400 2b tickets) Love 1:350 (drops 1 red loot box,50 donor ticket) God 1:600 (drops god parts,god feather eye blade) Diamond zone: Prime torva 1:500 Dreamer torva 1:600 Mini Corp 1:500 (drops 5 kinds of kronic wings) Steroid penguin 1:600 (drops rainbow boots,frost dagger,golden rapier) Mini zilyana 1:600 (drops rainbots boots,frost dagger,gold rapier,4 kind of kronic wings) ::rookie 1:10 (drops 1present 1% dr ring.) ::tetsu 1:600 (drops 3 tetsu parts.)
  18. nice video bro:)
  19. thx bro for nice ideas i will took some of them
  20. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NEW 7.7 LIFE TIME CLIENT Lowered 2b tickets each kill/drops by half. Changed prices of all enchants. Nerfed ::master droprate to 1:320. Nerfed master quest award was 10m 2b tickets now 5m 2b tickets. Lowered all items stats.(if you dont like this just leave comment) Lowered all npc hp.(if you dont like this just leave comment) Deleted all double damage from unuseful items. Upgraded Boss teleport at home. Cost much more to tp. Deleted 2b rare shouts from ::rookie Deleted charms drops. Fixed ::love npcs now 2b ticks spawn to inv. Deleted ::rookie 2b rare shouts. Added ::dicerules command. Changed draconic gear skin color. Changed/Updated ::stafflist And stafftab. Added welcome message. Recolored half game text`s. Added new items: Rising star set 5 parts + rising star feather eye blade. Set parts 500 def status 600 str bonus. Armor and legs 9% droprate,boots 5% ,gloves 9%. Rising star feather eye blade 500def status 800str. 20% droprate. Remaked Home Boss teleport bosses (venetatis,scorpia,vetion,calisto) Now harder to kill. Drops: Venetatis (evil amulet,nowa box,feather eye blade,rising star set 6 parts) Scorpia (evil amulet,nowa box,*RISING STAR feather eye blade,angel sword) Vetion (drygore set,15% arrow) Calisto (punch gloves,12% amulet,rainbow boots,250k 2b ticks) Added new quest npc (angel) location ::home Quest: Bring her losted angel sword. How to get angel sword? Scorpia drops it. Nice award!
  21. You are welcome!:)
  22. Nice video mate!:)
  23. Declined atm i said you why:) wait and try again later
  24. Hey mate dont worry if you donated and got proofs i will refund you:) Contact me on skype: Felikegood