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  1. I want get in forums veteran rank in-game isa lover tile I liked that I love you ISA with love Prayforbybys kisses :* :* :* :*
  2. we need eco reset and make server more harder. I don't give a shit about lazy players. I saw player just log in and he walking with dreamer set and owner katana really????? now is super easy to get best items in game. I saw some player what they have I was like :[] now all players can go in all zones why we cant go back in the past??? start make zones obtainable by 10k 20k 50k 100k 200k npc kills . we need eco savers or eco reset . di3la must make drop rate more bigger and monsters more powerful. lets talk about boxes . boxes have really big ultra rare loot % , you open 10 boxes and you get 1 or 2 ultra loots and we can get all boxes as drop that's really not good. owner must make like 1 -50 ultra rare and tell for all community its unknown that's much better. if we want keep server active we must start make items obtainable only by donate . why we don't have more players? cuz eco is down long time ago. any1 see any player buying items for cash? I saw one time all told him he is idiot...... 2b tickets is worthless..... atm community is not the best in rsps history. don't give items for free let them make items them self . when they get free items they think this server is really bad .all players will think this server is shit you can get all items for free not worth to play. all giveaways must do owner not you faster luck . you cleaning players let them quit make giveaway for another players and you clean them all too staff members must be not allowed to dice keep vote I get really good stuff from vote and I vote all the time when can . - I don't want blame on staff members but most of them is not active always I see faster luck (demote please) jk . thank you faster I hope you stop show what afk king you are and stop clean players. yea i know I'm not really active. sorry for that but I love this server . we need a lot changes in this server but I want the best for goldenscape I love you ISA with love Prayforbybys
  3. atm its most active player in game . I think 13hrs playtime every day means something. I think he must be helper. now most helpers is unactive .