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  1. Make a command to open all crystal keys at once, thats it.
  2. First of all make this: Make a store where you can sell your custom items for 2b tickets " Sell custom items store " or something like that Make a well where people can donate items,tickets for server wide increased drop rate of some % ( good money sink, keeps eco clean ) Make a boss who drops good items, make it not one shotabale. Drops it might have: 100-250k 2b tickets, 5-10 Rlb, Donor tickets, Super mystery boxes, Nowa box (1-2). Etc
  3. Who are you reporting?: He lost at BJ dice and scammed me for 660qWhat did they do?: ScammingProof (must have): Pictures posted below, 2 witness: in-game name: "Thebigfoot" and "Sakouragi" who were at the dice cc and present at the same time, after he lost, he wanted me to dice him again for 160$ donation, as i said no, he traded and instantly canceled 3-4 times in a row and ask me to relog like it was a bug, after i logged he logged out and never to be seen again.Optional info that will help with this report: