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My Sale :- 

X1 Dreamer Helm (6%) 12Q 

X3 Dreamer Body (3%) 12Q

X7 Dreamer Legs (3%) 12Q                                                                          If You Wanna Buy Any Of Those Items 

X5 Cold Sword (14%) 5Q                                                                              Just Pm Me In Game :):)

X33 Super Magic Box 500T 

X8 Red Loot Box 2Q

X2 Weapon Enchant 20Q 

X2 Rainbow Boots (4%) 12Q 

X2 Owner Helm (9%) 90Q 

X1 Owner Body (6%) 90Q 

X1 Owner Legs (6%) 90Q 

X1 Owner Spirit Shield (16%) 90Q 

X1 Ultimate Dragon Wings (6%) 6Q

X4 Cold Bow (24%) 7Q

X2 Dreamer Trophy (5%) 12Q 

X4 Golden Rapier (15%) 15Q

X2 Feather Eye God Blade (17%) 50Q



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Thread has been locked because Server had an eco reset which the items doesn't exist anymore.

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