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okay so ive been around on the rsps list, one thing ive noticed is servers are stepping up with crazy custom weapons that can be bought for good amounts of money. i think goldenscape should be the next on the list with a crazy new release of some awesome weapons. along with that we need to find someone in charge of coding the weapons and making them reasonable with price/ drop-rate. (also a great way for goldenscape to make  good money to promote the server and make it grow insanely! i can assure you with a release of an insanely customized weapon more people will hear about the server and want to play to earn it.

Ideas of what kind of weapon:

a lot of servers are coding mini-guns, probably shouldn't do that considering its the same as another server.

im thinking maybe something better than a mini gun, perhaps a mystic scythe or a rainbow scythe. something crazy, something not easily obtainable. 

also more cosmetic items that are worth a lot, like a bicycle, sled or even a paino

we need something that no other rsps has to make more players want to be a part of the goldenscape family

we also need some more boxes that players can donate for and open, 


waepon boxes, cash boxes, dream cases, uber cases. 

the way of expanding this rsps and making more players come play on this server is all about something they can get here that they cant get in another rsps. 

this server is unique but we really need to make it pop. 

help me out with any feedback or ideas, i know we can do this guys!!!


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I like all the suggestions.



#goldengang, no copy from ds


We're GSL!

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Well well well ..... i have seen u in game much bro, but u are afk also.

we have 1 trusted dicer deathline ! 

im neutral with this :P

gl on ur application !

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