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Npc Drops & Droprate Guide

1 post in this topic

Owner torva droprate: 1:3000 (owner parts,owner brutal whip,owner spirit shield)
Dreamer torva droprate: 1:1000 (drops dreamer parts and dreamer trophy)
Calisto 1:500 (drops punch gloves,12% amulet,rainbow bootS)
Venetatis 1:700 (drops rising star set,evil amulet,butterfly trophy)
Vetion 1:700 (drops draconic set)
Scorpia 1:1000 (drops rising star feather eye blade,evil amulet,15% dr arrow,angel sword)
Nowa burning mummy 1:400 (rare drops 100-500 2b tickets,1 red loot box)
Nowa box guard 1:800 (rare drops 500-800 2b tickets, nowa box)
Trophy Hellhound 1:400 (rare drops all kind of trophys)
All Enchant guards 1:1000 (rare drops Weapon,armor,jewellery enchants)
Seatroll 1:400 (rare loots mystery box,10% droprate arrow,red loot box)
Sirenic 1:300 (rare loots sirenic set parts)
Oldschool Torva 1:310 (rare loots oldschool torva set,di3la sword,ganjaman wings)
Barrelchest 1:600 (rare loots 100-1000 2b tickets,2 red loot boxes,nowa box)::drea
Infinity kitty 1:300 (rare loots infinity flag,infinity hell blade,infinity red chain amulet,mystery box)
Infinity BAE 1:400 (drops samurai katana,teddy bear,mystery box)
Presents 1:20 (drops 1x present)
Epic cape guard 1:3000 (drops epic cape)
Arrow 1:1000 (drops 15% dr arrow,400 2b tickets)
Love 1:350 (drops 1 red loot box,50 donor ticket)
God 1:600 (drops god parts,god feather eye blade)
Diamond zone:
Prime torva 1:500
Dreamer torva 1:600
Mini Corp 1:500 (drops 5 kinds of kronic wings)
Steroid penguin 1:600 (drops rainbow boots,frost dagger,golden rapier)
Mini zilyana 1:600 (drops rainbots boots,frost dagger,gold rapier,4 kind of kronic wings)
::rookie 1:10 (drops 1present 1% dr ring.)

::tetsu 1:600 (drops 3 tetsu parts.)

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