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New Multi Boss Nex

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Added multi boss Nex with 4 mage guards.

Zone ::nex  (strong boss. Need team to kill it:)

Every kills give drops to. 24 drops. 1 random drop every kill.

Regular Drops:
1. 175 to 200 noted magic logs frost dragon  bone. (new skilling quest coming collect magic logs!)
2. 275 to 300 hand cannon shoots,frost dragon bone.
3. 3 Super Mystery boxes,frost dragon  bone.
4. 100 2b tickets,frost dragon bone.
5. Cold arrow pack,frost dragon bone.
6. Pernix Helm,frost dragon bone.
7. Pernix legs,frost dragon bone.
8. Pernix body,frost dragon bone.
9. Virtus Body,frost dragon bone.
10. Virtus Legs,frost dragon bone.
11. Saradomin brew,super restore potion,frost dragon bone.
12. Tri-Jester Scarf,frost dragon bone.
13. Jester scarf,frost dragon bone.
14. 150 2b tickets,frost dragon bone.
15. 200 runite ore,frost dragon bone (new skilling quest coming collect runite ores!)
16. Rainbow Scarf,frost dragon bone.
17. Chinese Ny,Frost dragon bone.
18. Krypton,frost dragon bone.
19. Gold Hammer,frost dragon bone.
20. Double exp ring,frost dragon bone.
21. 4k Pure essence,frost dragon bone.(new skilling quest coming collect pure essences!)
22. 2.4 coal,frost dragon bone. (new skilling quest coming collect coal!)
23. 30 presents,1 frost dragon bone.
24. 2b tickets (1-300 random),frost dragon bone.

Rare drops 1:300

  1. Assault riffle.
  2.  Glock.
  3.  5k 2b tickets.


Nex will be releaset today.


Edited by di3la

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It finally comes alive! Tysm for this, can wait for it.



HMU for team

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11 hours ago, 0hk said:

We are gonna need to figure out a way to stay alive longer at this zone. 

Just use soulsplit mate

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