Donator ranks
Req donator box 55T
Super donator ticket 75T
Sponsor box 500T
Super sponsor rank 1Q
Diamond rank 2Q
Flaming Pheonix helmet 150T
Flaming Pheonix body 150T
Flaming Pheonix legs 150T
Flaming Pheonix shield 150T
Flaming Pheonix Brutal whip 150T
Completed Flaming Pheonix helmet 300T
Completed Flaming Pheonix body 300T
Completed Flaming Pheonix legs 300T
Completed Flaming Pheonix shield 300T
Completed Flaming Pheonix Brutal whip 380T
Draconic Helmet 7T
Draconic Body 7T
Draconic legs 7T
Elite torva helmet 20T If +1% added 15T added to price
Elite torva body 20T If +1% added 15T added to price
Elite torva legs 20T If +1% added 15T added to price
Elite trophy 10T
//till here done Cold boots 5T
Cold sword 5T
Cold helmet 5T
Cold bow 5T
Evil amulet 30T
Completed Evil amulet 50T
Prime torva helm 3T
Prime torva platelegs 3T
Prime torva body 3T
Colored Deathful Shields 3T
Blade torva helmet 1T
Blade torva body 1T
Balde torva legs 1T
Blade torva sword 1T
Balde torva shield 1T
Assault riffle 50T
Colored Assault riffles 70T
OMG Brutal Whip 10T
Chaotic Brutal Whip 5T
Poison Brutal Whip 7T
Glock 3T
Hand Cannon -
Owner Katana 25T
Tetsu Platebody 7T
Tetsu Platelegs 7T
Tetsu Full Helmet 7T
Infinity Flag 50B
Rainbow Boots 12T
Hell Boots 50B
Custom Boots 300T
Angel boots 30B
Eclipse helmet 10T
Eclipse body 10T
Eclipse legs 10T
Eclipse party hat 10T
Feather eye blade 30T
Epic cape 100T+
Veteran cape -
Dragon wings 100B
Red Loot Box 2T
Super Magic Box 7T
GS Box 100T
Armor Enchant 15T
Weapon Enchant 15T
Jew Enchant 15T
New In-Game
Rising star helmet 15T
Rising star Body 15T
Rising star wings 25T
Rising star legs 15T
Rising star Boots 20T
Rising star Gloves 15T